Teenager awaits sentence for theft

A SCARBOROUGH teenager has been sent to Crown Court for stealing from his sister while she was on holiday.

Daniel Moores, 19, of Norwood Street, pleaded guilty before Scarborough Magistrates to a charge of theft, a charge of burglary, and two charges of fraud.

However after hearing of his previous similar convictions, and how Moores stole from his sister twice, Magistrates felt their sentencing powers were not sufficient, and sent him to York Crown Court.

Prosecuting Katy Varlow told the court Moores had been let in to his sister’s house by his mother, who was looking after the property while his sister was on holiday.

Moores took a PlayStation 3 console, two games, a laptop and a mobile phone from the Cayton property before selling them to Cash Converters.

Mrs Varlow said: “When she returned from holiday she found items were missing.

“She spoke to her mother who confirmed her son had been in the property while she was away.

“He admitted that he was let in to the premises by his mother so he could use the internet.

“However while there he stole a mobile phone, and the patio door key.

“He sold the phone to Cash Converters then went back to the house the next day to take more items.”

Mrs Varlow said Moores told police he was under pressure to repay drug debts, and that he had always intended to buy the items back and return them to his sister.

She said following his arrest the items have been recovered and returned to his sister, however Cash Converters are now “out of pocket” as the money paid to him for the stolen goods was not given back.

Magistrates heard Moores had already been in court on five occasion, including to face charges for a similar offence of fraud in February this year.

Mitigating Franklyn Garvey admitted the offences were “serious” especially as he was subject to a community order at the time he committed them.

After hearing the evidence magistrates said; “We believe that there are aggravating factors, and they are that you deliberately targeted the same victim twice and you have previous convictions for dishonesty.

“These offences are so serious that you need a greater punishment than we can give.”

The case was committed to the York Crown Court, where Moores will be sentenced on July 6.

He was granted unconditional bail.