Teenager in court after terrifying couple in attack

York Crown Court
York Crown Court

A couple were subjected to a “terrifying series of incidents” after their front door was twice kicked in and he was threatened with a knife, a court was told.

The couple were in their Scarborough home on New Year’s Eve, last year, when a guest from a noisy party in a flat below kicked in their door and assaulted the male occupant.

Later Samuel Sygrove, 18, returned, knocking on the door, apologizing and asking that the police should not be called.

The victim barricaded his damaged door with a weightlifting bar, but, in the early hours of New Year’s Day, Sygrove returned for a third time, this time armed with a knife and again smashing his way into the flat.

York Crown Court was told that the background to the events appeared to be a previous disagreement over a mobile phone between the victim and Sygrove’s step brother.

Sygrove, of Quarry Mount, appeared before the court for sentencing, having previously admitted one charge each of aggravated burglary with intent to cause grievous bodily harm, criminal damage and common assault.

Michael Bosomworth, prosecuting, said that in the initial exchange the victim suffered bruising after being punched to the face but, in the third visit by Sygrove, he suffered a cut to his hand as he wrestled the knife away.

At the time Sygrove was said to have been under the influence of alcohol and the drug M/CAT.

Louise Revell, mitigating, said that her client was an intelligent, but immature young man who, in the past year or so, had fallen in with the wrong crowd.

She added that that it had been during this time frame that Sygrove had started offending, building up a record for assaulting his girlfriend, using threatening behaviour and criminal damage.

Passing sentence, Recorder Osborne told Sygrove that the events mist have been “an undeniably terrifying series of incidents for the victim and, no doubt, his partner”.

Adding that Sygrove was considered by the probation service as being at high risk of causing serious harm under certain circumstances, the recorder said that he had to take into account his young age, lack of previous serious offending and that this would be his first sentence of custody.

Sygrove was sentenced to a total of 45 months in a Young Offenders Institution.