Teenager stole from her godfather

A HUNMANBY teenager has admitted to stealing cash from her godfather’s wallet.

Toni Hall, 18, of Priest Close, admitted to taking £220 when she appeared at Scarborough Magistrates Court this week.

However her godfather insists she took £520, and a separate hearing will have to take place to resolve the issue, before Hall’s punishment is decided.

Katy Varlow, prosecuting, said the victim had £800 cash in a wallet, which he had hidden.

He had been saving the money to spend on a new car.

Mrs Varlow added: “The defendant visited the house, and was there for some time.

“The victim says he later noticed that £520 had been taken.”

Shaun Greenan, mitigating, said his client was adamant she had taken only £220, which she later returned.

He said: “She made a full admission to the theft in interview, but on each occasion said she had returned the full amount.”

Magistrates decided a Newton hearing will be held to decide how much Hall stole, to establish whether she will have to pay her victim compensation.

The hearing will take place at Scarborough Magistrates’ Court on January 28.