The ‘blue-rinse bandits’ are on the rise in town

OAP arrests are on the increase .Picture Richard Ponter 131913
OAP arrests are on the increase .Picture Richard Ponter 131913

Theft, fraud and violent acts are some of the crimes being carried out by Scarborough pensioners, with the number of OAP arrests trebling in recent years.

A Scarborough News investigation has revealed that the number of alleged crimes committed by over 65’s in the town has increased every year since 2008.

A senior councillor has branded the figures “disturbing”, and North Yorkshire Police have vowed to crackdown on crooks regardless of their age.

Figures obtained through the Freedom of Information act show that of the 103 suspected crimes carried out by pensioners in the town since 2008, 47 of these involved unspecified acts of violence.

And just under a quarter of all alleged offences were for theft.

Cllr David Jeffels is officially a champion for older people in the town.

He feels that the growing levels of thefts among pensioners shows that some pensioners are turning to crime to survive in difficult economic times.

“Like everybody I think older people are struggling, but it’s a disturbing trend.

“But if pensioners are struggling, then there’s help available from either their family or community group.

“I know older people may have too much pride, but turning for help is a better option than this path.”

“There’s no shortage of help out there.”

However, police have tppk a dim view of the figures, and a spokesperson for North Yorkshire Police said: “Regardless of people’s age, if they have committed an offence North Yorkshire Police will investigate.

“Officers have a duty to protect the public and investigate crime and anyone found to be breaking the law will be arrested.”

Additional information obtained under the act shows that approximately a third of all pensioners landed in the dock following their arrest.

In total, 34 suspected crooks were sent to court, while no further action was taken in 38 cases over the last five years.

Out of court disposals, such as a police caution, were used in just under a quarter of all cases, with 25 disposals handed out.