‘This is what my daughter did’

Angela Muscroft with just some of her injuries
Angela Muscroft with just some of her injuries

A TEARFUL mother watched as the daughter who unleashed a violent attack on her was jailed.

Shelley Muscroft, 26, of Queens Terrace, Scarborough, repeatedly punched and kicked her mother Angela Muscroft as she lay motionless on the ground outside her Scarborough home, leaving her fearing for her life.

For Dan Sanderson story'Angela Muscroft'Picture by Neil Silk  113234'12/08/11

For Dan Sanderson story'Angela Muscroft'Picture by Neil Silk 113234'12/08/11

The 50-year-old victim, who attended Scarborough Magistrates’ Court and wept as her unremorseful daughter was jailed for 17 weeks, today spoke of the terrifying ordeal – and her mixed feelings about the jail sentence for her own child. “I’m devastated because I feel I’ve lost a daughter, I still care for her,” Angela said. “I think she needs help. Hopefully jail will do her some good.”

The incident was the latest family tragedy for Angela. One of her three children, Selena, died aged 20 following a car crash in 2007.

The man who was convicted of causing her death by dangerous driving was then sentenced to just two-and-a-half years in jail, which left Angela distraught.

Martin Butterworth, who prosecuted the assault case, described how Angela lowered herself out of a window at her home into her garden before she was attacked by Shelley.

“She began to shout and scream, there were punches to her face and kicking to her face, arms, head and back,” Mr Butterworth said. “She was pulling the victim’s hair saying ‘call yourself a mother’.”

The court heard that the victim estimated that her daughter had struck her 20 times. While she was being battered by Shelley, the mother remained silent and covered her head with her hands.

It was stated that Angela believed she was going to be “kicked to death” by her daughter.

“She was like a raging bull,” she said. “I’ve never prayed so much in my life. It was like fighting 10 men.”

The attack ended when a neighbour came to Angela’s aid and broke up the attack.

Angela was left lying on the grass, feeling sick with her head throbbing.

Mr Butterworth added: “The victim had significant injuries including pain and bruising to her scalp, swollen lips and a swollen jaw.”

He then handed pictures of the injuries up to magistrates which he said “speak for themselves.”

He said the mother and daughter had been out drinking on the day of the attack to celebrate the fact that the daughter was expecting a baby.

When they returned to the mother’s home, the pregnant Shelley launched her attack and said: “It was the plan. I’m going to kill you.”

The court was told that Shelley had already been banned from visiting her mother’s home by a restraining order, which she breached on the same day as the attack.

She had already been sentenced for the breach, but was charged with the assault after new facts came to light. She pleaded guilty to the assault.

Robert Vining, mitigating, said: “They had been out drinking together. It appears that the whole history between them then came out.”

Magistrates decided to revoke the previous community order which Shelley Muscroft had been given for the order breach and resentence her.

Dr David Chambers, the chairman of the bench, said: “We are required to look at the severity of the assault. In our view this was in the highest category.

“The injuries were serious, and it was a sustained attack and involved kicking and there is no evidence of remorse.”

Angela, who thanked the police for their support, added: “I can’t forgive Shelley yet - it’s going to take some time and I’m not ready yet.

“The bruises will go away, but to think my daughter could do that to me has hurt me far more on the inside.”