Threat to ex-partner by murder accused

Happier times... Alfredo and Linda Merigo on their wedding day
Happier times... Alfredo and Linda Merigo on their wedding day

A DRIFFIELD man accused of murdering his estranged wife had signed a Harassment Act Acceptance Form in relation to a former partner, a court has heard.

His murder trial at Sheffield Crown Court heard Alfredo Merigo signed the form on July 31, 2004 in relation to his ex-partner, Andrea Hornsby.

In a statement read to the court by prosecutor Mark Bury, PC Graham Smaller, who was based at Barton in 2004, went to Ms Hornsby’s home after she called police over threats she received by text.

“Andrea Hornsby made a complaint of harassment against Alfredo Merigo her ex-partner,” Mr Bury said.

The text message Ms Hornsby showed PC Smaller said it was a good job his two children wanted to see each other. It said: “Otherwise I would have borrowed Wally’s gun and done triple murder. Do not push me. If I go over the edge I will.”

PC Smaller said he spoke to Mr Merigo regarding his relationship with Ms Hornsby and warned him not to contact her by any means.

Mr Merigo admits, by virtue of provocation, the manslaughter of his estranged wife Linda Merigo at her home on Clematis Close in Driffield on September 1 last year, but denies murder.

Mr Bury said: “You know full well it is not manslaughter by reason of provocation. This was murder,” to which Mr Merigo replied: “That is what you are saying. I am trying to prove not.”

The trial continues.