Three-wheeled caravan that ‘vanished’

040805 b cuts 16/2 'A64 flyover by Seamer Station.
040805 b cuts 16/2 'A64 flyover by Seamer Station.

A CARAVAN with a missing wheel was mysteriously stolen from a layby outside Scarborough.

The caravan was being towed when the driver of the car noticed that one of the caravan’s tyres had been punctured.

He pulled over and removed the tyre and wheel, which he took to get repaired.

He returned to the layby just 20 minutes later, but there was no sign of the caravan.

Police yesterday launched an appeal for anyone with information on the unexplained theft to get in touch.

The caravan was taken at around 6:30pm on Tuesday evening.

It is described as a single axle, Ace Jubilee Viceroy caravan in an off-white colour.

Anyone who believes they have seen the caravan or has any information on its whereabouts is asked to contact Scarborough Police on 0845 6060247 or phone Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.