Toilets damage repair bill more than £1,300

COUNCIL tax payers will have to foot a £1,330 repair bill to fix vandalised toilets at the Spa Complex.

The venue reopened earlier this month – following a huge £6.5 million refurbishment – and the vandalism happened just a week later.

Cllr Derek Bastiman, who opened the venue’s re-launch night, said he was “disgusted” by what had happened.

He added: “Unfortunately the council tax payers of Scarborough are going to have to pay this because of mindless vandalism.

“The Spa was busy at the time this happened and somebody must have seen something.

“It is very upsetting that it has taken place just after it opened. We are trying to promote Scarborough and if we give in to these vandals we won’t get anywhere.”

The damage was in the new gents toilets when a divider between two of the urinals was kicked off the wall and pipes were also damaged as a result of the attack.

The incident was during the final of the Miss Scarborough event and happened just before midnight on Sunday, May 15.

The matter was reported to North Yorkshire Police and a spokesman said the investigation was still on going.

Anyone who witnessed the vandalism, or had any information about the incident, is urged to contact Scarborough Police on 0845 6060247.