Town talks about hammer arrest

Filey Library
Filey Library

RESIDENTS in Filey have described the mood of the town following the arrest of a murder suspect in Filey Library.

Graeme Jarman, 47, from County Durham, was arrested on Saturday afternoon after staff at the library recognised him from a picture emailed by police on Friday.

Graeme Jarman

Graeme Jarman

He had been at the centre of a nationwide manhunt by officers investigating the murder of Judith Richardson, 77, in Hexham on August 19, and police have confirmed that she was killed by a hammer,

Townsfolk have now spoken of the arrest, which has seen the quiet town catapulted into the media spotlight, and has sent shock waves through the town.

Pam Hamby lives only a few hundred yards away from Filey Library, and she’s spoken of her “absolute terror” upon finding out about the arrest.

The 67-year-old pensioner said: “You just don’t think things like this are going to happen in Filey.

“If it can happen here it can happen just about anywhere.”

She also said that the incident has left many of the towns elderly population feeling scared, with some too afraid to leave their house.

She said: “I’ve just been for lunch at the Salvation Army, and people are all in shock.”

“One of my friends said before Saturday she never locked her door, now she’s locking it all of the time.

However, 84-year-old library user Roy Galley, from West Vale, said that despite the residents fears, the bravery of the library staff shouldn’t be ignored.

He said: “You just don’t know what you would do in that situation. It’s incredibly brave what they’ve done, considering the circumstances.”

Northumbria Police are still questioning Mr Jarman, and have been given more time to question him over the murder.