Tragedy of motorbike rider hit by pensioner

A SCARBOROUGH pensioner has admitted causing the death of a 45-year-old motorcyclist.

Thomas Galavan, 71, of Centurion Way, pleaded guilty to causing death by careless driving after a collision in June last year.

Scarborough Magistrates’ Court heard Galavan had pulled out at a junction and collided with Mr Agar, of Pickering, in a “tragic set of circumstances”.

The court was told dad-of-two Mr Agar was riding towards Scarborough Road on his black Yamaha FZ-600 when he fell from his bike and came to rest under Galavan’s Kia Sorento.

Prosecuting, Dawn Birkett, said Galavan then set off, not knowing Mr Agar was beneath his car, with the back wheel going over his stricken body.

She said: “The defendant could be seen to pull out of the junction and head across the carriageway and as a result he has effectively blocked the carriageway that Mr Agar was travelling on.

“One witness said the bike was there to be seen and saw the helmet of the rider wobble then disappear.

“There was then milliseconds before the car sets off and the back wheel goes over the body of Mr Agar.”

The court also heard statements from one of Mr Agar’s daughters, who added: “He did not leave us, he was taken away.

“My heart is broken, it will never repair.”

Mitigating, Nina Lewis said: “This was an unfortunate and tragic set of circumstances.

“He did not appreciate that Mr Agar had slid under the back quarter of his vehicle.

“It was milliseconds of driving that vehicle with the intention of clearing the carriageway.

“If he had not, this would not have happened, that is the tragic part of this case.

“He is deeply remorseful for his actions and fully appreciates the loss the family must be feeling.

Galavan’s case was committed to York Crown Court for sentencing next month.

He was handed an interim driving ban.