Two attacked by woman on bus

Scarborough Magistrates Court
Scarborough Magistrates Court

A SCARBOROUGH woman has appeared in court charged with assaulting a bus driver and a pregnant woman.

Victoria Anne MacPhail, 53, of Grosvenor Road, admitted both assault charges but pleaded not guilty to an unrelated matter of harassment.

The assault on the Coastliner bus driver took place on November 9 when MacPhail was travelling back from York at around 10pm. The court heard how the bus was diverted due to roadworks in Seamer Road and the defendant approached the driver to ask if he knew where he was going.

Martin Butterworth, prosecuting, said MacPhail was verbally abusive towards the driver.

He said: “He told her to sit down and she swore at him. He stopped the bus and approached her, gently placed his hand on her shoulder and asked her to leave. She then struck him in the face and kicked him in the shin, though she disputes kicking the driver.

“He described his injuries as a cut to the lower lip, bruises on his leg and a cut under his eye.”

Mr Butterworth said that the defendant was arrested at the scene and was described as being “in drink”.

Ian Brickman, mitigating, said that his client had reacted in such a way as she thought the driver wanted to take advantage of her on the deserted bus.

He said: “He asked her to get off the bus, then refused to let her get off when she wanted to.”

MacPhail also admitted spitting at an off-duty member of railway staff, who was five months pregnant, at Scarborough Train Station on November 30. The court heard how she verbally abused the woman after believing she had barged into her.

Mr Butterworth said: “Spittle landed on the victim’s wrist and when a sample was taken and tested, it was found to belong to the defendant.”

Mr Brickman explained that his client was a single lady in a vulnerable situation who was currently receiving help from mental health charity MIND.

He said: “She has a myriad of issues and problems surrounding her, including potential mental health issues.”

MacPhail was remanded in custody until January 20 on the harassment charge. She was bailed on the two assault charges but this was not effective due to her already being in custody.