‘Ugly’ attack trio are sentenced

POLICE called to a Scarborough flat found wall covered in blood and a victim of an attack needing 30 stitches, a court heard.

The victim had recently moved into a block of flats in Albemarle Crescent and befriended another resident, Fiona Ellis.

He was invited round for drinks on March 12, last year, and arrived at his neighbour’s flat to find her son, his girlfriend and another man already there.

Nicholas Worsley, prosecuting at York Crown Court, told how after Mrs Ellis was allegedly pushed and items thrown at her by her son, the man attempted to intervene on her behalf.

As he did so, said Mr Worsley, he was set upon by the others.

A vacuum tube was broken over his head and both a drinks can and pot jug was also used to assault him.

Before the court for sentencing, having previously admitted a charge of affray, were Steven Ellis, 23, and Sacha Bleach, 18, both of St Martin’s Square, in Scarborough, and Mark Sutcliffe, 27, of Sowerby Bridge, in Halifax.

Mr Worlsey said that after the victim pinned Ellis against a wall by his throat as he attempted to get him out of the flat, Bleach had used the weapons in an attempt to get him off her boyfriend, Sutcliffe joining in the struggle by delivering a number of punches to the victim.

The court heard that Ellis has 36 previous convictions for offences including violence, Bleach 19 previous for dishonesty and violence but Sutcliffe only a caution for non-domestic burglary.

For Ellis, Ann Mundy said that her client admitted being present, that everyone had been drinking and that he had thrown a couple of punches after the man attacked him.

She added that Ellis denied having attacked his mother.

Patrick Palmer, for Bleach, said Bleach’s earlier problems with the law had stemmed from relationship difficulties with her own mother, which had been resolved in January, this year.

Simon Clegg, for Sutcliffe, said he had nothing to add after Recorder Peter Bury said he was minded to follow the recommendations contained in pre-sentence reports on all three defendants.

Describing the incident as “ugly” the recorder placed all three under a 12 month Community Order, with Ellis to complete 150 hours unpaid work, Bleach 180 hours and Sutcliffe 100 hours.

Ellis and Bleach were each also ordered to pay £500 prosecution costs and the unemployed Sutcliffe, who cares for his grandmother, an Alzheimer sufferer, £150.