Unpaid work for lout who hit PC in street

A 39-YEAR-OLD Scarborough man has been ordered to carry out 250 hours of unpaid work and to pay £150 in compensation after he was convicted of threatening behaviour and assaulting a police officer.

Darren Melvyn Kilby, of North Marine Road, was also convicted of criminal damage, resisting arrest and failure to surrender to police while on bail.

He was convicted at an earlier hearing and he appeared before Scarborough Magistrates on Monday for sentencing.

Kilby had been walking home last December after a night out with friends when he was spotted by a police officer on patrol in North Marine Road.

Steve Ovenden, prosecuting, said the officer saw Kilby rip two conifer plants from a planter, which was outside a restaurant, and threw them in his direction.

He added: “They landed in the road. The defendant approached him in an aggressive manner and grabbed his fluorescent jacket and was pushing and shoving him.”

Mr Ovenden said the defendant ran off, throwing rubbish from an overflowing bin at the officer to delay his pursuit, and eventually he punched the officer three times in the face which caused “redness”.

The court heard that the defendant was taken to Scarborough Police Station and charged with the offences and when the matter went to trial he had been of “previous good character”.

Shaun Greenan, mitigating, said his client had pleaded guilty at the first hearing but had later been convicted in his absence when he failed to attend an earlier hearing.

He said: “He accepts it’s his fault that he didn’t attend the trial. He has been suffering from depression.

“He had drunk quite a lot on that occasion but he is not normally a heavy drinker.

“His friends had taken him out and left him to return home on his own.”

He added that this was the first time that Kilby had been brought before the courts. “It’s some time since this incident has taken place and there is no suggestion of any more anti-social behaviour,’’ he added.

Kilby was given a 12 month community order, with supervision, and ordered to carry out 250 hours of unpaid work.

He was ordered to pay £85 in court costs, £100 in compensation to the injured police officer and £50 to the restaurant to compensate for the damage to the plants.