Unpaid work for man on burglary charge

York Crown Court
York Crown Court

A “cack-handed” burglar left his muddy footprints around the room when he stole from his employers safe.

John West, 20, was employed on a casual basis to do odd-jobs around the home of a Seamer resident.

However, following a row with his then partner over work and money, West waited for the family to leave their home on April 11, this year, before gaining entry and, using a key he found in the kitchen, opened a safe in the bedroom.

West, of St Leonard’s Crescent, took £2,880, but left behind a further £1,000.

He used some of the stolen cash to buy two expensive mobile phones for a total of £1,065, but was traced within hours after his muddy footprints were found on the bedroom carpet.

West appeared before York Crown Court on after having previously admitted a charge of burglary.

The court, which heard that West had given the remainder of the money to his girlfriend for safe keeping, was ordered to pay £700 to his victims under the Proceeds of Crime Act.

Jeremy Blatchford, mitigating, said that West had decided to commit the offence after being told by the family that there was no work for him that day.

He later admitted that it had been in order to get money to try and impress his girlfriend and salvage their doomed relationship.

West was said by Judge Scott Wolstenholme to have committed a “despicable” and “cack-handed” offence for which he would inevitably be caught.

The judge added that West, who has no dishonesty on his record and intends moving to Scotland to get away from bad influences, would, if sent to a Young Offenders Institute, mix with more hardened criminals and come out worse than he went in.

He was sentenced to a 12 month community order with a requirement that he complete 200 hours unpaid work.