Vandals leave trail of damage

Paint damaged Vehicle on the Crescent. Picture Richard Ponter 123031c
Paint damaged Vehicle on the Crescent. Picture Richard Ponter 123031c

Rampaging vandals have scratched and spray painted at least nine vehicles parked on Scarborough’s Crescent.

Car owners woke up to the damage this morning, which police have described as “mindless vandalism”.

It is the latest in a string of vandalism attacks in the town over the past month which have seen cars scratched and tyres slashed.

The crime spree has sparked an urgent appeal for information in a bid to track down the culprits.

Sgt Colin Phipps, from Scarborough Police, said: “We are actively making inquiries and reviewing cctv footage to see if we can pick anything up. We have also recovered some evidence, including spray paint cans, which will be analysed.

“This sort of mindless crime will not be tolerated. They have a big effect on our visitor community. They are not going to want to come to Scarborough again if this happens. It effects the whole town.

“If anyone has got any information pass it on to us so we can catch these people.”

Three vehicles on the Esplanade were scratched on Wednesday night and police are trying to trace three youths who were spotted at the scene at around 12.30am.

On Saturday a car parked on Marine Drive had three tyres slashed and the paintwork was badly scratched.

And last month 18 cars had their tyres slashed in the Seamer Road area.

Police are not linking today’s incident, which saw yellow paint daubed on cars, with the Freddie Gilroy statue attack.

Officers are urging anyone with information on to call Scarborough Police on 101.