Vivaz to face licence probe

084244 news'Vivaz Gv...
084244 news'Vivaz Gv...

A SCARBOROUGH nightclub boss is facing legal bills and associated costs totalling £50,000 ahead of a licensing committee hearing.

Police have called for Tuesday’s review of Vivaz in Huntriss Row because of concerns over levels of town-centre crime.

084244 news'Vivaz Gv...

084244 news'Vivaz Gv...

But Paul Murray, the director of Linestripe Ltd which owns the club, disagreed, saying that incidents which had been highlighted were not directly linked to the venue.

He said: “It has cost a lot of money – if I could go back to last October I might’ve said ‘let’s go to the hearing without legal advice’. It’s money that we haven’t got but they have said they will take it in weekly instalments.”

Under the terms of the club’s existing licence the club can stay open until 6am, Monday to Sunday, but it is understood that North Yorkshire Police have asked that it should be forced to close earlier.

Mr Murray said: “During the week I’d quite happily do that but during the weekend some of the pubs in St Nicholas Street are open until 4am – people don’t come into these places until they’ve been to the pub, the pubs are only getting busy at 11.30pm.”

In a report by Una Faithfull, the council’s licensing manager, she said police had requested the review because the club was within the Scarborough Cumulative Impact Zone and last year there was a rise in the number of violent crimes and antisocial behaviour incidents linked directly to Vivaz which involved persons under 18.

She added: “We have also had other serious crimes which are directly linked to the club and concerns over the lack of care by door staff at the club have again been raised.

“The police have had several meetings with the management of Vivaz to address our concerns. During recent meetings relating to youth events, police strongly advised that Vivaz put in place recommended safeguarding measures when holding youth events.”