Wanted man remanded to face charges

Steven Cyrus
Steven Cyrus

A MAN who handed himself in after a police appeal has appeared at Scarborough Magistrates’ Court.

Steven Scott Cyrus, 20, is alleged to have breached the terms of his prison release as well as failing to report to Scarborough Police Station.

He was charged with assaulting a woman as well as verbally abusing another man on Monday, February 21.

The court heard that under the bail conditions Cyrus was required to sign at the police station every Tuesday and Thursday but had failed to keep an appointment.

He was released from a 12 month prison sentence in December and he was recalled to prison on Friday, February 25.

Cyrus did not enter a plea to the assault charges, following legal advice, but admitted missing a bail appointment on Tuesday. March 1.

He was represented in court by Marcus Topham who said his client had been recalled to prison as a consequence of the allegations and he needed to look at CCTV evidence before the next hearing.

He said: “He’s before the court in connection with another matter and quite independently he’s been recalled to prison.

“I’m asking for an adjournment for seven days so I can look at the evidence.

“He’s on conditional bail and I’d ask for the same conditional bail to remain in place.”

Mr Topham explained that, although Cyrus would be sent to prison, he had made the request for the bail conditions to be left in place in case he was eventually released.

Steven Ovenden, prosecuting, said that he did not oppose the request for an adjournment because he needed to make enquiries relating to the case.

He added: “He’s in custody because he is subject to recall.

He should have signed at the police station and he did not.”

Mr Ovenden added that if people were granted bail with conditions they should stick to them.

A spokesman for the Probation Service said that Cyrus would have been arrested as soon as he signed after missing the appointment and the prison recall notice had been issued a few days earlier.

Magistrates ordered that the case was adjourned until next Wednesday and Cyrus was remanded in custody.

There was an outburst from the public gallery when a member of the defendant’s family expressed his disgust at Cyrus being remanded.