Warning over bogus workmen

A Scarborough man is warning householders to beware ofcold callers after workmen carried out substandard work resurfacing his driveway.

Ian Atkinson, who lives in Scalby Avenue, contacted the police but was told there was nothing they could do because the work was finished.

He said that the workers had used the wrong materials and had carried out the resurfacing in the rain. “I am in the building trade so I know what they are supposed to use.”

Mr Atkinson said the transaction had been for cash and they had originally approached his wife to offer to carry out the work.

A North Yorkshire Police spokesman said they had received no other complaints in the area.

According to the force’s website officers advise that genuine callers do not mind waiting while you check that they are who they say.

The spokesman added: “Most callers at your door will be genuine. However, some are bogus, whose aim is to get inside your home to steal from you.

“Bogus callers may pose as water, electricity or gas-board workers, council workers or even police officers so they can steal money or property from your home. You can prevent this type of crime if you take precautions.”

To reduce the risk of becoming a victim of this crime, remember the following four steps:

• Lock all doors - even when you are at home

• Stop before you open the door, ask them who they are

• always use a door chain or spy hole

• not sure who they are then don’t open the door.

He added: “Always ask the caller for their identification, and check it, before letting them in. Use the phone number in the phone book, not the one on their identity card.

“If you feel threatened by a caller ring the police on 999.”