What teenager drank that night

There was violence on the streets, after Jemeljanow had been drinking in Quids Inn
There was violence on the streets, after Jemeljanow had been drinking in Quids Inn

A young mum “laughed” at CCTV footage of her punching a reveller in the face in a rowdy booze-fuelled brawl.

After downing around three times the weekly safe alcohol limit in just one night, Scarboough teenager Jamie-Anne Jemeljanow took centre stage in a violent town centre melee in the early hours of May 8.

Trouble brewed after Jemeljanow, of Heathcliffe Gardens, spurned the advances of a male in nightspot Quids Inn.

But angry at being knocked back, Scarborough Magistrates’ Court heard how someone in the shunned male’s group threatened violence with a hammer.

This caused the then 19-year-old Jemeljanow to blow her temper, striking a male twice in the face before getting into another spat with a female complainant.

Footage of the attack was shown in court on Thursday May 29, where apologetic Jemeljanow admitted using threatening words and behaviour in the 4am incident.

The court heard how she lost her temper after knocking back a cocktail of beer, spirits and a pair of fishbowl cocktails.

She claimed that she was provoked by the male group’s hammer threat, which “upset” her.

And in mitigation, her solicitor Ian Brickman claimed the single mother was “really the victim” in the attack, after the female complainant used one of her shoes as a weapon, driving it into her face and leaving her with head injuries.

Mr Brickman said that other witnesses had spotted a hammer being passed around, and the solicitor added that it “speaks volumes” about the male’s guilt that he hadn’t come forward to make a complaint about being punched.
But he added: “She accepts that she was in the wrong and she apologises for her behaviour.”

Despite her apology and early guilty plea, the bench warned Jemeljanow that she faced a jail term for the attack, which 
they claimed was a “very unpleasant, prolonged” public assault.

And the probation service said the young mum, who possesses a “light” criminal record, had used a “number of excuses” for not completing previous unpaid work – including a toe infection.

The court also heard how upon arrest, she “laughed” at CCTV footage of the attack.

But the incident was branded an “unfortunate blip” in the progress she had been making.

The court heard how the benefit claimant suffered a turbulent youth, but now had her own place and had been 
attempting to gain work.

Alcohol was said to be “very much at the root of her problems”, and that she needed help to control both her problems with booze and anger.

And in court, it was claimed Jemeljanow downed around 40 units, including:

• Two punchbowl cocktails

• Six pints of lager

• Seven shots of tequila

• Six vodkas

• Two glasses of peach schnapps

Jemeljanow was handed a fresh 12-month community order as a “direct alternative” to custody.

The order requires supervision and 150 hours’ unpaid work. She must also undertake both anger management and an alcohol treatment programme.

The was ordered to pay £85 in costs and a £60 surcharge.