Woman admits to harassment

Scarborough Magistrates Court
Scarborough Magistrates Court

A SCARBOROUGH woman has been handed a restraining order after she admitted harassing her boyfriend’s ex-partner.

Kelly Smythe, 25, of Clifton Street, repeatedly sent the woman threatening Facebook messages and texts between the beginning of January and the end of April this year.

Scarborough Magistrates’ Court heard that Smythe also entered Poundland in Scarborough town centre, where the woman works, on an almost daily basis and stared at her victim.

Katy Varlow, prosecuting, said: “The complainant is the former partner of the defendant’s current partner.

“The relationship ended in 2007 but they remained friends, and this has been the basis of this harassment.”

Mrs Varlow said that Smythe began sending abusive messages to the woman, and accused her of being in a relationship with her boyfriend.

The victim blocked Smythe from sending her messages, but she created a new account, which allowed her to continue sending the woman abusive emails.

She added: “On a daily basis she has entered her place of work. She just comes in and looks at her in Poundland.”

Frankly Garvey, mitigating, said that the woman who Smythe admitted harassing had gone out of her way to get under the skin of his client.

“She has informed me that it certainly wasn’t all one way,” he said. “There have been messages posted on Facebook by the complainant. She was making comments which wound her up.

“There have been problems in her life. She has been under quite considerable strain and the way she reacted was because of her emotional circumstances as opposed to being malicious.

“She does have a record, but is lightly convicted.”

Mr Garvey also pleaded with magistrates not to make a order which would ban Smythe from Poundland.

“It is the top store of that kind of genre,” he said. “To anybody on benefits any kind of assistance in obtaining supplies at a cheap price should be left open.

“It would seem unfair if someone is prevented from doing their shopping in that kind of establishment.”

Magistrates ordered a stand-down report from a probation officer before deciding on Smythe’s sentence.

She was given a community order which will last for a year and was told to complete 120 hours of unpaid work, undergo supervision and pay a £85 contribution to costs.

Magistrates also imposed a restraining order which prevents Smythe from entering Poundland in Scarborough.

She is also forbidden from contacting her victim or approaching her home address.