Woman avoids jail for posting 'revenge' pictures of man in lingerie on Facebook

She tried to hide her face on the way to court
She tried to hide her face on the way to court

A woman who splashed “revenge” pictures of a man wearing women’s lingerie on Facebook has been spared prison.

Sally Brown, 40, from Scarborough, uploaded the embarrassing photos onto social media to “publicly humiliate” the victim, York Crown Court heard.

Prosecutor David Hall said Brown posted several degrading photos of the victim on Facebook and via the WhatsApp messaging service, showing him “wearing an assortment of female clothing and lingerie”.

Brown boasted about her callous behaviour when she sent the victim a message which read: ‘I’d love to read about this in the Scarborough News. I’m on top of the world - how about you, darling?’

In a second message sent three days later, Brown crowed: ‘Publicly humiliating you seems to have given me a new spring in my step. I’ve got many (more) new pictures.’

Brown emailed the victim to say that Facebook had taken down some of the images, but gloated that they had been “viewed by 56 people”, said Mr Hall.

He said Brown was on bail at the time after being charged with grabbing a police officer’s crotch and making suggestive remarks to him after being stopped for drink-driving.

She was arrested for the online picture-shaming offences on September 29 last year - less than a month before her trial for sexually assaulting the police constable.

Brown, of Lodge Close, Cayton, was back before the court on Wednesday when she admitted disclosing private sexual photos, intending to cause distress to the victim, between September 22 and 27 last year.

She also admitted two counts of possessing cannabis on the day of her arrest and again when police returned to her home on January 9 this year. The cannabis offence put her in breach of a suspended prison sentence imposed for sexually assaulting the police officer in February last year.

The court heard that Brown made a grab for the policeman’s private parts and made sexually-suggestive remarks to him after being stopped in her Suzuki Swift and asked to blow into a breathalyser. She was found to be just over twice the legal limit after being stopped for driving “erratically” near Castle Road in the early hours of February 28.

Brown was given a five-month suspended prison sentence for those offences and placed on the sex-offenders’ register for seven years following the trial in October.

Mr Hall said Brown began her online picture-shaming campaign about seven months after sexually assaulting the young police officer, but added that although the images posted on social media were “sexual and private, I wouldn’t describe them as pornographic.”

Defence barrister Lorraine Harris said up until last year the mother-of-one, who used to work for a housing association, had no previous convictions but her life “spiralled downhill” after turbulence in her private life.

She said Brown had taken each of the offensive pictures down from the internet in a matter of hours.

Judge Paul Batty QC said it was clear that Brown liked to humiliate men in a very public manner, as was evidenced by the “notorious” case where she made a grab for the police officer’s genitals.

He added that Brown had caused “deep distress, embarrassment and perhaps shame” to the victim of the online photo-shaming.

He branded Brown’s messages to the victim “revolting” and said that posting the images online was designed to cause him “utter humiliation”.

“This seemed to be part of a pattern of conduct at this time, when you were showing really utter contempt for men in the way that you were behaving,” added the judge.

He told Brown: “You said (to the victim) you would love to read about (the online pictures) in the Scarborough News. Well, the only one person who’s going to be read about in the Scarborough News is you.”

Mr Batty said Brown’s despicable offences were worthy of prison, but added that he could suspend the sentence because of her guilty pleas and responsibilities as a mother.

Brown was given an eight-month suspended prison sentence and a two-month nightly curfew. She was also slapped with a restraining order banning her from contacting, harassing or threatening the victim.