Woman guilty of fraud allegations

York Crown Court
York Crown Court

A SCARBOROUGH woman committed “a wicked breach of trust” by stealing £1,000 from her supermarket employers, a court heard.

Kelly Louise Parsons had been promoted from the shop floor to a supervisory position by Proudfoot Supermarkets and entrusted to count and bank the takings at the company’s Scalby Road store.

However, on October 5, 2010, Parsons, 29, was caught on CCTV footage acting suspiciously in the store’s cash room, it later being discovered that £1,000 was missing from the day’s takings.

Parsons, of Calderhill Lane, had pleaded not guilty to a charge of theft before York Crown Court, but was found guilty by a jury.

Miss Kate Batty, prosecuting, said that the CCTV film showed Parsons removing a bundle of notes and leaving the room before returning, looking anxiously around and mopping her brow.

The following day when she went to work, Parsons was challenged, suspended and then two days later sacked.

Following the jury’s verdict, the court was told that Parsons, who was in debt at the time of the theft, was still out of work with little prospect of finding other work in the present economic climate with a conviction for stealing from an employer.

The investigation has also led to a breakdown of Parson’s relationship with her partner, also employed by the supermarket chain.

Placing Parsons under a 12 month Community Order, with a requirement that she complete 80 hours of unpaid work, Judge Scott Wolstenholme said that, despite her poor financial position, he was also ordering her to repay the full £1,000.

Adding that this would save the supermarket having to chase their money through the civil courts, the judge said that it would take Parsons three years to pay off the compensation, although if she were to find work in the future he would expect it to be settled sooner.