Criticism for new ‘shed’

The Toll House pumping station.'114227f
The Toll House pumping station.'114227f

PLANS for a proposed new building in Scarborough’s North Bay have been described as unimaginative and looking no better than a shed.

Members of Scarborough Council’s Planning Committee have accepted the application for a new underground storage tank near to the Toll House Pumping Station but are urging Yorkshire Water to have a rethink on the proposed new building.

Cllr David Billing said that the artist’s impression of the building was not very “architecturally inspiring” and falling boulders from the Castle Headland were more likely to go straight through the flat roof rather than bounce off. He said: “Can we please improve the appearance?”

And Cllr Jane Mortimer agreed that there was a danger from falling rocks. She said: “There is life and limb at risk here with rocks falling.”

Cllr Godfrey Allanson said: “The previous pumping station was good but this looks like a shed.”

Cllr Brian Watson said it was right to raise concerns over the appearance of the building. He added: “When we criticised the original park and ride building they came back with something better.”

Several committee members expressed concerns over possible smells coming from the waste water.

Cllr Dilys Cluer said: “Is it just run off from the streets and not mixed in with other waste water?”

Area planning manager Marcus Whitmore said the tank, which will be sunk below the site would be used to store excess surface water and would help improve the quality of the bathing water by preventing from being discharged directly into the North Sea.

He added: “It is hoped the bathing quality will be the best in the UK – and maybe Europe.”

The Yorkshire Water project to install the tank is about to begin and is planned to take about two years to complete.