Customers will still support us

RE The restaurant review about Gianni’s Ristorante Italiano.

I am currently the assistant manager to Mr and Mrs Bisi, the proprietors of the restaurant. I am one of five people whom have worked for Mr and Mrs Bisi for 11 years, all of us puts 110 per cent into our work.

Over the last decade my colleagues and I have built up relationships with many returning clientele, whom we would regard as friends.

I know Mr and Mrs Bisi support your organisation with advertising, you also in the past have supported ours with staff nights out. I personally would have put the Scarborough News in that list of our friends and supporters.

With reference to the restaurant staff, three of our staff are the son and daughters of Mr and Mrs Bisi, two of whom were serving during the night in question. As a family business I know that everyone takes their role very seriously. Our customers pay our wages, it makes no sense that we would bite the hand that feeds us.

My employers, my colleagues and I will now try to bounce back from this very upsetting opinion. Hopefully our regular customers will continually give us the support they have done in the past, the present and our future.

Justin C Seddon

Cromwell Road