Danger is now apparent

After reading a report in the Scarborough News of November 1 of a man being trapped overnight in rocks in the South Bay in the Holbeck area for some 15 hours, it appears that the man had become trapped in rock armour, that the Fire Station have been called out to other rescues from the rock armour on the Marine Drive and have actually received specialised training for carrying out this type of rescue.

Children’s Corner has been one of the town’s favourite holiday attractions for young families for well over a century and is featured on some of its earliest postcards. A massive stack of rocks in its place combined with an incoming tide turns this much loved safe and sheltered amenity into a potential death trap with attractions for climbers as well as games of hide and seek and attempted recovery of lost balls.

There is an extra duty of care in law so far as children are concerned to keep them away from places where danger might not be apparent. As the danger is now apparent due to the rescues, will this mean that the rock armour will need to be fenced off?

Whilst the proposal for rock armour at all stacked up to the front of a Grade II* listed building is offensive to the eye of many and insulting to the finest coastal scenery, how would protective fencing look? Could that be avoided if there were to be a serious accident?

The recent rescues highlight the danger of serious falls or even death by drowning or exposure. The use of rock armour was ruled out at Whitby. The reasons mentioned in the media were that the scheme there would focus on maintaining visual appearance and ensuring the beaches could continue to be used for recreation and leisure. What about recreation and leisure and, above all, safety here in Scarborough? Are we not, therefore, at risk of putting much of our South beach out of bounds?

Freddie Drabble

Sons of Neptune

Scalby Road