‘Dangerous’ block of flats closed down

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ENVIRONMENTAL health officers have closed down a privately-owned block of flats in Scarborough due to the dangerous conditions within the property.

The block of flats in Beulah Terrace was closed down last week under special powers of the Housing Act 2004, Section 43 Emergency Prohibition Order, after an inspection revealed numerous health and safety hazards including an inoperable fire detection/warning system associated with a disconnected electric supply as well as other severe disrepair issues.

Scarborough Council’s senior environmental health officer, Gary Pickering, said: “Upon discovering the state of this property, we had no alternative but to use our authoritative emergency closure powers to shut this property in order to safeguard residents and those visiting the property as well as those occupying neighbouring properties. It is fortunate that no-one has been severely injured or even killed as a result of the neglected state of this property.”

The council is now considering further legal action in relation to the property.

In the meantime, the council has, due to the dangers posed by the state of the property, arranged for it to be partly boarded-up.

Emergency accommodation and support has been provided to the tenants of the flats.