Daughter’s plea to find bracelet

A GRIEVING daughter is offering a £100 reward for the return of a missing bracelet which she bought to remind her of her late father.

Alison Heffernan bought the Pandora bracelet 18 months ago following the death of Steve Boocock – who ran Sandgate Seafoods and was well-known throughout Whitby.

On significant dates she would add a charm to the bracelet which is now worth around £600 but Alison says it is irreplaceable because of the sentimental value.

She lost it sometime over the new year period and is desperate to get it back. It is very distinctive with fish charms, to represent Steve being in the fish business, and the letters B O O I E spelling out his nickname.

Alison said: “I definitely had it on the Thursday before New Year’s Eve but I went for a spray tan because I was going out and had to take it off.

“I put it in my pocket and on the Saturday I went for it and it wasn’t there.

‘‘I have either forgotten it was in my pocket, got something else out and it has pulled it out, or lost it on Friday at work or when I have gone down Baxtergate.

“Local people straight away would know what it meant by the initials.”

If anyone has found the bracelet contact Sandgate Seafoods on 601844.