Daughter’s plea to find her father

Kirsty Russell and boyfriend Daniel
Kirsty Russell and boyfriend Daniel

AN ESTRANGED daughter has made an emotional plea to the father she has not seen since she was a newborn baby.

Kirsty Elaine Russell, now 20, has not seen her father since she was only five weeks old, and is desperate to get in touch.

She believes that he is currently living in Scarborough, as this was his last known location.

Kirsty was born in Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital, but her father left shortly afterwards.

Since then the only interaction she has had with him was through a card sent on her first birthday.

“My mum didn’t really give us much information about him as we were growing up, only that he moved back up north which is where they came from when my sister was young,” said Kirsty.

When Kirsty was 16, her older sister Terri managed to obtain their father’s mobile number, but after an argument with the sister’s mother there was no further contact.

This left Kirsty secretly devastated, and now the only new information she has about her long-lost dad is that he has since married.

However, heartbroken Kirsty is running out of ideas in her quest to finally meet her dad.

“For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to find my dad,” she added.

“I don’t want anything from him like money, I just want to meet him and possibly try to build up a relationship with him.”

Despite the pain of not having her father with her whilst growing up, it has not stopped Kirsty from becoming a role model for other youngsters.

She works as a teaching assistant at a school in Basingstoke for children with emotional and behavioural difficulties.

As well as this, she splits her spare time between two loves in her life; her partner of six years, Daniel, and her local football club, where she coaches two different girls football teams.

But, with Kirsty turning 21 in March, she feels it’s finally time for her to come face to face with her father.

“I feel that 21 years is a long time not to have seen each other and I am desperate to meet him.

“When I was younger, if anyone asked what I felt about my dad, I always just said that I didn’t care.

“But that was a lie, and at night I would sometimes cry and just wish that he would just appear.”

If anybody has information, please contact the Scarborough Evening News on 01723 383817 or email newsdesk@yrnltd.co.uk.