Dean Road gaol set for star role

PEOPLE in Scarborough are being given the chance to play extras in a new film which will be shot at various locations around the town.

The gritty Brit-flick is called Screwed and based on the best-selling novel of the same name by former prison officer Ronnie Thompson.

It is being directed by Reg Traviss, who has been dating singer Amy Winehouse for the past few months, and will use the former Victorian prison in Dean Road as one of its main locations.

Speaking inside the gaol yesterday he said they chose Scarborough because of the locations around the area and the fact that they had been made to feel so welcome when they first arrived.

He added: "There are disused prisons all around the country and we could have used any of them. We liked this one and the council and the locals have been very accommodating.

"Scarborough can double for parts of London as well as a seaside location. I like the layout of the prison - it's got the original layout as well the original features."

He said that the film followed someone who left the army after serving in Iraq and joined the prison service.

"It is a journey. I don't want to talk too much about what it is all about because, until a film has been made there is no point in discussing what it is about," he said.

Officers from Scarborough Council have been helping with suitable locations for the film and shooting set to take place during September and October.

The title role will be played by James D'Arcy of Master and Commander fame, with Frank Harper and Noel Clarke also taking leading roles.

It is hoped that the film will be as big as a success as Little Voice, which starred Michael Caine, Ewan McGregor, Jim Broadbent and Jane Horrocks.

The film's producers are also looking for Scarborough men - preferably those over 18 - to become involved in the film as extras. Appearance is not important.

Extras co-ordinator Johnny Lynch, who worked on the recent Robin Hood film starring Russell Crowe, said there was plenty of opportunities for people to get involved.

He said: "We will need people for odd days and we do want a few people for four or five days at a time."

Although there will be no payment, those volunteering as extras will be fed and watered while on set.

If you are interested, attach a recent photograph to an email and send it to for more details.