Dear reader ...

Dear Reader

There is fresh talk of upgrading the A64. The case has been made over and over again but there is apparently a chance of government cash for the scheme if a business justification can be shown.

Even though we have been here before, any opportunity to make improvements has to be taken.

It cannot be right that down-at-heel Blackpool has a motorway to help visitors and its businesses but Scarborough has a road that is one of the most notorious bottlenecks of any seaside destination.

Inevitably, there has been so much talk in inverse proportion to action, that hopes are bound to be a little jaded.

And the question is what improvements would make all the difference: more overtaking lanes or more dual carriageway would reduce frustration in part.

Total dual carriageway would be more than can be hoped for. And the question then would be about what happens when traffic gets to the gateways to Scarborough, where vehicles would have to funnel back into single file, creating one tailback for mile on mile. So the outcome would in itself present issues.

But we should give it another shot and see what comes of it; anything has to be an improvement.

> Ed Asquith, Editor

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