‘Deathtrap’ block of flats shut down

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A BLOCK of flats in Scarborough described as a “deathtrap” has been closed down by environmental health officers.

The block of privately-rented flats in Cromwell Terrace was closed down under special Emergency Prohibition powers by Scarborough Council last week after it was found to have numerous health and safety hazards.

The shortfalls included a lack of fire safety provisions, a lack of power, heating and very dangerous electrics.

Andrew Rowe, the council’s housing manager, said: “This particular property was one of the worst we have seen for a number of years.

“We only use our emergency closure powers as a last resort because of the upheaval caused to residents, however on this occasion we really had no choice. The building was a deathtrap.”

Mr Rowe added: “It’s simply not acceptable for landlords in the borough to rent out properties in such a poor state of repair.

“The landlords of this property are fortunate that someone was not killed as a result of their negligence.”

The council is now considering further legal action against the owners of the building.

Emergency accommodation and support has been provided to the tenants of the flats.