Debut horror story released by Pickering author

An author from Pickering has released his debut novel, a post-apocalyptic horror story that warns of the dangers of technological dependence.

Author David Turton.
Author David Turton.

David Turton, 38, wrote the story after leaving Pickering for the North East.

The novel follows Professor Mike Pilkington, a lecturer at the fictitious Windermere University, who survives a mysterious, violent event, where the world’s population turn on each other, wiping out the majority of the population within hours.

The character’s journey leads him and a band of survivors on a journey across the North Pennines to the Sage, Gateshead, and to London, where they come face-to-face with the chilling force behind the apocalypse.

At just over 300 pages The Malaise is shorter than a lot of traditional post-apocalyptic books, but he hopes that will appeal to readers.

David said: “I love those stories, but I didn’t really want to write a house brick of a novel! There is a huge shift in location and setting in the book, but you can read it a few days, and hopefully enjoy it.”

Mr Turton, an ex-Lady Lumley’s School pupil, has successfully published more than 30 short stories in various websites and magazines, including two self-published anthologies.

He was long-listed for the Sunderland Short Story Award in May 2018 and is currently writing the sequel to The Malaise.

The Malaise is published by Cosmic Egg Books: