Decision to refuse North Street cinema sent back

Drop Folder News. Pic Kevin Allen.'North Street Car Park.'072741
Drop Folder News. Pic Kevin Allen.'North Street Car Park.'072741

The decision not to allow a cinema to be built on Scarborough’s North Street car park is to be re-examined.

On Tuesday Scarborough Council’s Resources Scrutiny Committee sent the decision to retain the car park back to the cabinet, which earlier in the year voted against selling the land.

The committee is urging the cabinet to adopt the “floating freehold” idea of retaining the car park, which generates income of £300,000 annually, and building a cinema on stilts above it.

The cabinet is not bound to reach a different decision but Labour leader Cllr Steve Siddons says it puts more pressure on the councillors to listen to the people of the town.

Cllr Siddons, who called-in the North Street car park decision, said: “The people of Scarborough want a town centre cinema and we believe that the floating cinema is the best option.

“The council keeps its car park and the people get a town centre cinema.”

Shortly, the resubmitted Benchmark application for a cinema on the former Atlantis site in North Bay will be back before the planning committee.

It was rejected by the same committee earlier this year but has now been resubmitted without changes.

Cllr Siddons, who was on the planning committee which threw out the plan, added: “As far as I can tell the reasons for the rejection then are still in place now.

“However, since then we have had an election are there are different people on the planning committee so you don’t know what could happen.

“All I can say is that when it came before the planning committee it was felt that it did not pass the tests required to allow it to built in the North Bay.”