Demolition of Futurist set to clear listing bid

Protesters outside the demolition meeting
Protesters outside the demolition meeting

Scarborough Council’s path to demolishing the Futurist appears to have been cleared.

An immunity from listing bid from the authority to stop the building from getting protection under listed building status could be approved as soon as next month.

Theatre publication, The Stage, has quoted Historic England as saying the Government is “minded to approve a certificate of immunity from listing for the Futurist in Scarborough on the advice of Historic England”.

Nick Bridgland, listing team leader in the north added: “We realise that there is much local interest in and affection for the Futurist.

“We carefully assessed the Futurist for listing and advised that because the building has been extensively altered over the years, it does not have the special historic or architectural interest to meet the criteria for national listing.”

Campaigners had been hoping that the council’s bid would fail as it would mean the theatre would instantly be given listed status.

Recently, Scarborough’s former Constitution Club in Huntriss Row was saved from the wrecking ball when a last- minute listing bid from The Victorian Society was approved.

A certificate of immunity from listing means the Futurist could not be statutorily listed for a period of five years and could therefore be demolished.

There will now be a 28-day review before the Government makes a final decision.

The vote to demolish the Futurist was approved by a single vote.

Once the theatre has been razed to the ground Flamingo Land will build a £20 million attraction in its place.

The Theatres Trust, which was backing the listing attempt from campaigners has indicated it would appeal any decision from the Government to grant the immunity from listing application.