Demolition of the Corner Cafe Part 1: VIDEO

WORK to tear down Scarborough's Corner complex has finally started – and should only take around four weeks to complete.

The former entertainment mecca built in 1924, is making way for 100 new luxury apartments as part of the first phase of the 55-acre 130 million Sands development.

And developers Benchmark have revealed that within a month a scheme for 120 holiday homes will be submitted to Scarborough Council for the derelict Marvels site.

The flats on the Corner, which will be ready for summer next year, will cost between 200,000 and 490,000 and more than 30 have already been reserved.

Council chiefs are relieved to see demolition on the site start 10 months after the complex closed. Scarborough Council leader, Cllr Tom Fox, who took the controls of the digger to rip out the first chunk of the derelict building said: "It's an absolutely fabulous moment.

"It's the coming together of a lot of hard work and we have now started to see the first phase of demolition which will be quickly followed by reconstruction and seeing The Sands come to fruition."

Benchmark development consultant Gerry Stapleton added: "I'm delighted we have got here. It's taken us a long time which has been partly down to the council wanting to make absolutely sure that what we are doing is going to come to fruition."

The 100 new apartments will be built in two blocks – in an oval-shaped building called Lockton House, which has been dubbed The Pod, and a crescent-shaped building called Kepwick House.

On the ground floor there is likely to be a mixture of shops, bars and restaurants.

Benchmark is also hoping to build more than 80 new chalets, new toilets and a beach management centre and they should be ready for part of this summer season.

Almost 40 new holiday homes will be built on the Kinderland site next year – which will be called The Forest – and the developers now have their application in to the local authority for a giant water park and hotel to replace Atlantis.

There are also plans for new sport and leisure facilities, a hotel conference centre, improvements to the open-air lakeside theatre and improvements to Northstead Manor Gardens.

Tolent Construction based in Stockton and Lebberston-based Oakley Plant are carrying out the work.

North Bay councillor Martin Smith added: "This is the dawn of a new beginning in Scarborough's North Bay. Of course there are mixed emotions about the Corner but we have got to go forward. There are exciting times ahead."