Demolition of Peasholm boathouse approved

The landmark boathouse and landing deck on Peasholm Lake is to be demolished.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 23rd January 2018, 1:24 pm
Updated Tuesday, 23rd January 2018, 1:30 pm
How the replacement might look
How the replacement might look

Scarborough Borough Council's planning committee today approved an application to bring down the structure where the dragon boats are currently rented from.

The ageing boathouse and the deck that surrounds it will be replaced with a new structure for park users. The new structure's design will be approved later this year.

The council hopes to carry out the demolition work from Monday January 22.

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In the supporting information Adrian Hill, on behalf of the council as the applicant, stated that it will try to save as many of the original materials as possible.

It is also noted that the work has been deemed necessary as the foundations of the boathouse are suffering from subsidence and needs urgent repair works if it is not to collapse in the future.

Mr Hill states: “Using a 360 degree excavator with breaker attachment and bucket, the boathouse will be taken down carefully and rosemary roof tiles separated from the timber debris.

“The remaining structure and deck will be demolished carefully and stockpiled within the site boundary and then loaded onto wagons for disposal.”

The report added: "The restoration of the site following demolition and remedial works to the foundations involves the re-decking of the landing structure and the erection of a new open-sided shelter.

"Whilst this is unusual, insofar as the restoration works could simply involve clearance of the structures from the lake and park, the demolition works are required to facilitate the replacement deck and shelter, and hence the reason for these works being the restoration scheme.

"The new shelter will not be a replica of the existing boathouse, which itself has been the subject of alterations of time, but it is proposed that it be built in a similar style, taking influence from the Japanese themed structures positioned throughout the park."

Ten members of the public objected to the demolition.

One wrote: "Do not spoil Peasholm Park. Keep it as it is. I have come every year since 1976."

At the meeting, Cllr David Billing expressed his surprise at some people who had questioned the need for the demolition.

He said: "I read some comments that said 'how do we know it needs demolishing?'.

"To them I would say just go down and look at it.

"You do not need to be a structural engineer to see that it is falling into the lake and there is bits falling off it."