Dennis Rollins in Whitby

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DENNIS Rollins’ Velocity Trio, the latest offering from the multi-award-winning trombonist, plays at Whitby Coliseum on Saturday.

Infused with jazz and swing, Velocity Trio has a progressive, contemporary and funky edge.

Dennis, right, is complemented by organ virtuoso Ross Stanley and flamboyant young Portuguese drummer Pedro Segundo.

“The synergistic energy of this exciting project is truly unique, eclectic and mesmerising”, says Jim McLaughlin of Musicport, which is organising the gig.

The Independent said: “Dennis is that rarest of jazz beasts - a genuine star”.

Tickets cost £10 and can be booked by ringing 01947 605089, online at, at the venue and at the Port Hole in Skinner Street, Whitby.

The show is due to begin at 8pm.