Gary Bradshaw celebrates one of his 51 goals for Boro
Gary Bradshaw celebrates one of his 51 goals for Boro

Striker Gary Bradshaw has blamed a section of Scarborough Athletic’s fans for his departure from the club.

Bradshaw has opted to move to NCEL side Hull United after two-and-a-half years at Queensgate.
Having scoring 51 goals in just over 100 starts, the frontman has been disgusted by some of the treatment dished out to joint-managers Paul Foot and Bryan Hughes, and the players.
“It is nothing to do with budget cuts or anything else, I’m just not enjoying my football anymore,” said Bradshaw.
“It isn’t a decision I’ve rushed into, this is something that has been on my mind for months.
“Some of the treatment the players and the managers receive has just got to me.
“A lot of clubs go through hard times. Some of Scarborough’s fans need to realise that and the fact that they are not still a Football League club.
“The club are up against teams that are established in this league, there is no god-given right that they will win every game.
“I have never seen two managers working as hard as Paul and Bryan do. They are desperate to make it better.
“The abuse they are getting is uncalled for. It is hurting the players and it is hurting Paul and Bryan as well.
“If they leave the club then other managers will look at the job and will probably see it as a poisoned chalice.”
Bradshaw is also baffled by the fans that have opted to stay away in recent weeks rather than supporting the club through thick and thin.
He added: “I’ve loved my time at Scarborough, the majority of the fans have been the best I’ve played in front of in my career.
“It just seems to me that the ones who are staying away and the minority who constantly have a go at the players are not proper fans.
“When you support a club you do it through the good times and the bad.
“Those staying away and those behaving like they are can only be detrimental to the club they say they love.”