Depot plan gets the green light

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A PLANNING application for a new council depot at the former Negas site off Seamer Road has been given unanimous support by councillors.

The site would replace the Scarborough Council depot in Dean Road and the scheme would only go ahead once an approved Tesco development is set to start at the existing site.

It was discussed yesterday at a meeting of the council’s planning committee and it was revealed that there would be room for poly tunnels should a decision be taken to close Manor Road Nursery.

Marcus Whitmore, an area planning manager, said: “That would depend on a decision being made regarding Manor Road.”

He pointed out that site would have to be inspected because there were concerns over contamination issues. He added: “It requires a thorough investigation of the site before full occupation of the site.”

Cllr Dave Billing questioned the reasoning behind placing poly tunnels in a “frost hollow” but added: “It is an industrial development in an industrial estate.”

Cllr Nick Brown highlighted recent problems in the area with pollution. He added: “There have been two or three incidents within the last week where pollution has occurred in the beck. The added investigations would be welcome. There are two undefined water courses there and I’d like them to be investigated.”

Cllr Amanda Robinson said: “If contamination is found would we still move onto the site?”

Committee chairman Cllr Jane Mortimer said: “If there is contamination it has to be sorted out before anyone goes on to it.”

Cllr Godfrey Allanson welcomed the news that the site could be put to a new use. He added: “Those of us who remember the gas works being there say thank goodness it’s not there any longer – what an entrance to Scarborough it presented.

“I think it’s a good use for the site and one good thing is hopefully any contamination would be gone. If it wasn’t for our planning application it would still be there.”

The site is on Queen Margaret’s Industrial Estate and covers an area of around 1.5 hectares. Officers had recommended that permission was granted subject to a number of conditions.