Derelict building gets demolition approval

The building next door to the Hole in the Wall pub in Vernon Road which has been given the go ahead to be knocked down.
The building next door to the Hole in the Wall pub in Vernon Road which has been given the go ahead to be knocked down.

One of Scarborough’s crumbling derelict buildings can be demolished so the site can be redeveloped after councillors approved the move.

Developers had applied for permission to knock down the Vernon Road building – which is between the Hole in the Wall pub and the Palm Court Hotel’s multi-storey car park – and officers had recommended approval.

Marcus Whitmore, an area planning manager with Scarborough Council, told members of the Planning Committee that the plan also included remedial work to be carried out ahead of any redevelopment.

He added: “Solicitors for the Palm Court Hotel have made comments about the party wall. They’ve asked that we confirm any additional conditions.”

Mr Whitmore said that a stability assessment for the area be carried out as an additional condition to approval. “We clearly don’t want properties falling down or becoming troublesome,” he said.

Members also heard comments from the manager of the Hole in the Wall which said debris from the neighbouring building had fallen from it into the pub’s outdoor smoking area. Mr Whitmore added: “It’s clear that the building is in a poor state of repair.”

Cllr David Billing said the building was not attractive but raised concerns over pedestrian safety in the area. He added: “If any vehicles are parked in the vicinity of the Hole in the Wall it makes driving down there lethal – you can’t see anything coming.”

Mr Whitmore said a traffic management system would be in operation during the demolition.

Cllr Eric Broadbent said Vernon Road was a very important link between the town centre and the seafront and welcomed the plan.

Cllr Michael Jay-Hanmer said: “It’s always a shame (to demolish old buildings) but in this particular case it should have been done years ago.”

And Cllr Brian Watson remembered the building as it used to be. He said: “When I was younger it used to be called the Old Skating Rink. It’s a historical building. I wouldn’t want the job of demolishing it because of difficulty of access.”

Cllr Jane Mortimer, the committee chairman, said the job had to be done correctly. She said: “It’s better to take it down properly rather than let the buildings fall down.”

The application was given unanimous approval.