Development under scrutiny

19/6/09 News'Looking from Overdale towards Middle Deepdale..'092583
19/6/09 News'Looking from Overdale towards Middle Deepdale..'092583

PLANS for a new road to link the A64 and A165 to support a huge housing development in Eastfield will be questioned in detail next week.

Work on the Middle Deepdale scheme, which will include 1,300 new homes, is due to begin in July and progress will be examined by councillors.

A64 to A165 link road as part of the Middle Deepdale development

A64 to A165 link road as part of the Middle Deepdale development

In a report prepared by David Archer, Scarborough Council’s strategic director, he said: “A study of the effect of introducing a Scarborough Western Relief Road between the A64 and the A165, concluded that a link across Deepdale, joining would have significant traffic benefits. Primarily, it will remove about 50 per cent of the traffic from Cayton village.”

Mr Archer said that questions had been asked about several issues surrounding the proposed development including:

• the need for additional housing at a time of rising unemployment

• terms of a loan agreement with North Yorkshire County Council and why it was no longer being offered as a grant

• details of an Strategic Partnership Agreement and the opportunity to discuss it with the partnership.

He added: “Middle Deepdale is of major strategic importance for Scarborough in terms of overall growth both economically in terms of housing and also in terms of the regeneration of Eastfield.

“Scarborough is widely recognised as the sub-regional centre for regeneration and a key location for housing, economic growth and investment within the region.”

He said that the development was an essential part of housing growth potential in delivering more than 1,300 new homes and without it the area would not meet housing targets. “Within the development a portion of social housing and extra care provision will also be provided,” he said.

“Some of this housing will be necessary to replace existing housing stock and care provision elsewhere within the borough. It is therefore envisaged that these properties will be readily occupied upon completion.”

It is expected that the development will take between 10 and 15 years to complete and it is hoped that it generate 500 new jobs through construction and the ongoing maintenance of the buildings.

Earlier it was revealed that county council funding of £3 million for the construction of a bridge in the proposed link road had been cut to £2 million.

Mr Archer said that an earlier report had highlighted the fact that the proposed road did offer “some benefits for highway network”, adding: “The value of the scheme to the highway network has been assessed to be in excess of £2 million. However this is predicated on completion of the entire road including the bridge and the major cost, specified to the standard to fulfil its functions as a link between the A64 and the A165.”

Mr Archer said that there would be no charge for interest on the loan unless the entire road was not developed. He added: “In the event that the entire road including the bridge is not delivered an interest charge will arise to avoid any potential for the contribution to be regarded as state aid.”

Last July councillors approved a masterplan for the development, which featured a mix of private, social and rented accommodation, a primary school, community facilities and open space.

The matter will be discussed at the meeting of the council’s Corporate Strategy Overview and Scrutiny Committee on Wednesday.