Devilish pair get wicked

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REBECCA Kelly-Evans and Rae Yaldren are up to something wicked in the premiere of a musical.

The artful pair play Fatale, a sultry vampire, and Lumley, a feline trickster, in The Eighth Sin, opening at Graham School next week.

The voluptuous vamp is the most deadly member of a devilish gang whose mission is to disrupt Britain’s most popular TV show, West End Quest.

The gang leader is Wayland (Roger Maughan) – an alias for the Devil. But in this musical, Old Nick is on the side of right and justice.

The Eighth Sin is the creation of Bill Scott and Mike Lyons, who highlight some of the foibles of our celebrity-obsessed society.

A corrupt panel of judges tries to fix the outcome of West End Quest and Fatále and co are hell-bent on foiling them.

There are thrills and spills a-plenty as the supernatural meets the super-famous and the judges are besieged by demonic forces.

Caught in the crossfire are lovers Luke (Mick Tiffany) and Lilith (Kathryn Irwin); luckily for them, their love survives.

The show, which can be seen at Graham School from Wednesday March 23 to Saturday March 26, features 16 new songs ranging from moving ballads to toe-tapping rock.

It is by Pure Chance Musicals, one of the only companies in the country to write original productions.

Tickets for The Eighth Sin can be bought at Anthony Gordon in Westborough and Headers in Aberdeen Walk. They can be reserved at and collected from Graham School on (01723) 366451.