Diamond day for childhood sweethearts

Happy couple Clive and Dorothy Haynes

Two childhood sweethearts have celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary this week.

Clive and Dorothy Haynes met at a youth club party at St John’s chapel, Grimethorpe, near Barnsley, at 15 and 16.

Clive and Dorothy Haynes on their wedding day

They were together for five years before marrying at St Paul’s Parish Church, Monk Bretton.

The retired couple, who previously owned and refurbished the Arran guest house, moved to Scarborough after Clive suffered an accident at work.

He said: “I had an accident in January 1980 and was told I was going to be an invalid. Dorothy had an ambition to do catering.

“We bought Arran guest house for Dorothy to run. We refurbished it and did everything there – cooking, cleaning, looking after people. There were regular guests who came back every year.”

Before running the Arran, Dorothy had set up a playgroup business which she “loved”.

“I created the business when our daughter was a tot. It was half a crown a week to bring kids for three mornings. It was lovely, I enjoyed it.”

After 22 years, when they reached retirement age, Clive and Dorothy sold the hotel and bought a house in Burniston.

The proud pair are parents to Rachel and Robert and grandparents to Daniel, Amy, Eve and Emi.

The couple like to go on cruises; Dorothy added: “It’s lovely food and you can get dressed up”.

Recently, they even took a road trip so Clive could take part in Tipping Point on TV, which was not as successful as they had hoped.

Talking about their secret to a long and happy marriage, Clive said: “No matter if you fall out always make up before you go to bed.”

Dorothy joked: “Always do as your husband tells you.”

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