Dining Out: Amparian, Filey – Tapping into excellent new dining experience

Amparian Tapas and Wine Bar, Filey.
Amparian Tapas and Wine Bar, Filey.

There’s a new place in town – it’s smart and chic and serves some of the most sumptuous Spanish food for miles around.

Amparian is in Mitford Street, Filey, and a recent addition to fine eateries in the town which include Bella Italia and San Marco.

It offers, though, a different menu and altogether alternative dining experience.

It is traditional Spanish 
tapas – meant for sharing.

The emphasis is on the sharing aspect of eating out with family and friends – the idea being that each member of the party picks a different dish and you all try a little of everything.

That way everyone gets the chance to sample what someone else has chosen – isn’t it always the way that what your dining companions choose always looks tastier than what you have chosen?

At Amparian that does not matter – as you can have a taste of everyone else’s meal.

There are dozens of hot and cold dishes to pick and mix from – and the hosts Ampara and Ian recommend that – depending on how many are in the party – each diner picks two or three dishes which are then shared.

A word of warning to those who may think that a little of what you fancy does not go that far – there were two of us and we picked a little bit too much.

It was all beautiful but we should have remembered we could always return to try something we did not order the first time around.

But, to the business of the menu, which is extensive and eclectic.

Cold dishes range from beetroot salad, the house salad, a selection of cold meats, salted almonds, olives, manchego cheese and quince jelly, breads and green chillies.

Hot dishes range from meatballs to lamb chops, squid to salmon and chickpea casserole to queenies.

It’s a tough choice, so small wonder, then, that we ordered too much.

From the multiple ‘meals’ served among our favourites was the beetroot salad. This was beetroot, avocado, blue cheese, peppers and cashew nuts – and, with a piece of bread, could have been a starter by itself.

Of the hot selection the meatballs – tangy and hot – the salmon – with red onion marmalade – and the juicy lamb chops in a romesco sauce – were particular favourites.

The trick with tapas, too, is to take your time.

The staff bring out a few dishes at a time – so you are not over faced and nothing goes cold.

The emphasis is on leisurely sociability. You are not hurried or harried at Amparian.

Prices range from £1.95 (olives) to £6.95 (chops) – and rember there is enough on the plate for two or more people.

There is also a selection of Spanish wines and beers on 
offer, too.

With drinks our bill came to £60 which for the amount of food we had was great value.

The restaurant does not take credit or debit cards – but you are told this when you book.

We went mid-week and there were a few tables full of people sharing the best of tapas. Word will get round that not only is there a new place in town but it is also the place to be if you enjoy good, tasty food served well and in chic – and companionable – surroundings.