Dining Out: Moutrey’s Grape Lane, Whitby

Moutrey's Grape lane Whitby.
Moutrey's Grape lane Whitby.

On a sweltering hot evening – easily the warmest of the year so far – one could have been forgiven for being a little reluctant to sit in a restaurant near a baking hot kitchen.

Such is a reviewer’s life – and our venue for the evening does not have a beer garden or outside dining area, but we still took the plunge, hoping that copious amounts of iced water would keep us cool and composed.

Moutrey’s has long established itself in Whitby’s dining out scene, but not a place we have visited as a family since the wife’s 30th birthday several moons ago.

Luckily we had booked, 
despite arriving shortly after they opened, as the restaurant on Whitby’s historic Grape Lane soon filled up. We were grateful to be seated right under a large ceiling fan which kept the temperature pleasant for a while – although by the time we left, the heat from the kitchen was starting to take over.

The most important order of the evening was the very first one – a jug of tap water and ice!

The three of us began with a cheesy garlic bread to share.

While appearing to be drizzled in enough garlic to keep a horde of Whitby’s vampires away, the taste was certainly not too overpowering and the texture just right.

In fact, I’d go as far as saying it was possibly the best garlic bread I have had anywhere.

Hoping the evening hadn’t peaked too soon, it was time to order the mains, with our son going for the Bambino’s margerita pizza, while I chose the slightly more exotic sounding chorizo and goat’s cheese pizza from the specials board. Both pizzas had a thin and crispy, rather than doughy, base.

It proved a great choice, with a great fusion of flavours.

Mrs A’s eagle eye made its way to the carne board, which apart from having a steak large enough to feed an Olympic relay team, also offered two tempting chicken dishes.

She decided on the pollo funghi, with wild mushroom stuffing, pancetta and creamy funghi sauce.

This was served with hand-cut chips and oven roasted vegetables. Once again, it was difficult to find any fault with these dishes, the only question was whether to stay for dessert.

With the heat in the restaurant noticeably rising and some guests wafting themselves with the laminated menus in an 
effort to cool down, it came down to which ice cream looked the most tempting.

My son chose cinder toffee ice cream along with a scoop of zesty mango sorbet, while I picked out bubble gum and the delicious salted caramel for my concoction.

The chocolate brownie proved to be the most alluring menu choice for Mrs A – this was a smooth chocolate mousse with cinder toffee chunks, which arrived complete with shortbread to dunk and whipped cream.

The bill came to £61, which I consider to be decent value for what we had ordered. The waiting-on staff did a great job and what must have been laborious work in the heat, and were 
polite and attentive.

So if you are visiting Whitby and want to escape what one reviewer once naively branded its fish and chip “monoculture” then head over to Moutrey’s, I’m fairly confident you will not be disappointed.

Rating: 9/10.