Dining Out: The Plough, Sleights

Good, affordable pub grub is always a bonus at the end of a busy working week.

Thursday, 14th September 2017, 5:00 pm
The Plough, Sleights.

That is exactly what we were hoping for when we booked a Friday night slot at the Plough, which is at the top end of Sleights.

It had been a while since I last visited the Plough, despite having lived in the village for years in my younger days.

One of my more recent ventures was as student when, having left the pub pretty inebriated one New Year’s Eve, I awoke the next morning to a flashing roadwork on my bedside table which my drinking companion must have ‘acquired’ on the way home.

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There is nothing remotely pretentious about the menu at The Plough, it is exactly what you’d expect from a pub.

Although there is no children’s menu, the waitress explained that they would do smaller portions from the main menu.

Without any hesitation, Jordan choose lasagne and soon demolished it. I asked him what his opinion was.

The reply?

Deep fried camembert.


When asked if, for the purposes of my review, he could elaborate, he simply replied, “oh and it was cheesy too.”

No stranger to these columns, you can always rely on Jord for an informed outlook on life.

When watching The X-Factor, he once described a duet as sounding “like an elephant wrapping its trunk around the neck of two monkeys.”

Minted lamb burger with salad.

I’m filling out the form for Gogglesprogs as we speak. Back to the food.

The waitress was quite happy to bring the kids’ meals out at the same time as our starters, because we all know that kids can get impatient and start creating. And we don’t want that.

I chose the deep fried camembert, which was decent and Emma went for the garlic mushrooms with crusty bread. She said it was okay but would have liked more mushrooms in it.

On to the mains, there is a decent range of what I’d call pub classics ie fish and chips, gammon, sausage and mash etc, but I chose the minted lamb burger from the specials. It was reasonably good, chunky and certainly very filling.

Emma’s beef stroganoff was again a good-sized portion and a choice she was content enough with.

There was still just about room left for dessert – ice cream for Jord, toffee crunch pie for Emma, while I had hot chocolate fudge cake, which was complemented nicely by the banana ice cream.

I was impressed that the overall bill came to only £57, for two starters, two adults mains, two children’s mains and three desserts, plus drinks, which represents excellent value. The service was generally good. One small gripe was that we were informed there was no cheesecake, at the same time as the other desserts arrived at our table.

This really should have been mentioned prior to the desserts being served, but it didn’t detract from an enjoyable evening.

Deep fried camembert.
Minted lamb burger with salad.