Dining Out: Raffles, Bridlington: Fantastic food on Old Town's historic street

Bridlington Old Town is becoming one of my favourite places to go and eat out with the high standard of restaurants.

Thursday, 16th June 2016, 3:00 pm

When walking into Raffles, you realise there are only about 10 tables in a living room sized dining room. The historic features are still maintained inside and they are also enhancedthanks to the modern interior.

You could tell the owners were proud of their Old Town heritage with pictures displayed of the Dad’s Army filming in the town. There were also other pictures of the town which portrayed Bridlington in a fantastic light.

We were greeted by the first half of the husband and wife team who own the restaurant.

Wife Kimshowed us to our table and took our drinks order.

Raffles has an early bird menu which changes on a weekly basis which is very good value at two courses for £13.95, served from Tuesday to Friday between 6pm and 7.30pm.

While we were scouring the menu, we had speciality breads with olives and butter to enjoy which were a welcomed addition due to our hunger after a hard day’s graft at work.

We also took a look at the a-la-carte menu and we decided to go one off each menu.

To start I chose the Broccoli and Stilton soup. It is a personal favourite of mine and the soup was delicious with the perfect combination of blue cheese and broccoli. There was a generous portion size which seemed to take an age to get through while also waiting for it to cool down.

My friend ordered the chicken ravioli in a carbonara sauce served with pancetta on top. She was very impressed with her choice but she felt like she had to leave some to make sure she had room for her main course. We were made to feel very welcome by Kim who was checking to make sure we had everything we needed.

It didn’t take too long for our main courses to follow where I went for the Sirloin Steak which came in a peppercorn sauce while my friend went for the Pork Wellington. This was a 6oz Fillet of Pork wrapped in Prosciutto ham and pate baked in puff pastry and set on a cider, mushroom and cream sauce.

Both dishes were offered a choice of potatoes, though we both went for chips. They came in a separate bucket as well as a dish of vegetables including carrotts, broccoli and green beans.

The steak was cooked medium, as asked, and it was very tender, melt in the mouth, with the tasty peppercorn sauce really complementing it. I hadn’t seen many Pork Wellington dishes on a menu before, with beef usually the preferred, but my friend said she really enjoyed it. The pork was very juicy and full of wonderful flavour. The pastry was also flaky and added to the texture of the dish.

We were desperate to try a pudding to really round off a great evening.

However, we realised we may have had to have been rolled home if we had eaten 
any more with us both filled up to the brim.

After having a couple of drinks each too, the bill came to around £42 which represented great value. It was then whenwe got to meet Kim’s husband and chef Steve who was just as charasmatic as she was.

We will be returning again to Raffles, but making sure we leave enough room for a dessert next time!

RATING: 8/10