Dining Out: Secci’s, Bridlington: All you’d expect from real Italian cuisine

Secci's, Bridge Street, Bridlington
Secci's, Bridge Street, Bridlington

Having read good things about this small Italian venture, I was expecting a very enjoyable evening out at Secci’s, Bridlington.

The night started off full of promise and, having read the many excellent and glittering Tripadvisor reviews, my partner Kellie and I were eager to get stuck into some really authentic Italian cuisine.

It’s not our go-to food by any means, but I am very much an omnivore and there isn’t really anything I can’t bring myself to eat.

The restaurant itself is a lovely, contemporary space, but was rather empty for a bank holiday Sunday.

This has never been a cause of concern for me before as I’ve visited excellent restaurants that were largely empty.

The staff were friendly and attentive and gave us the option to sit wherever we wanted, so we opted for a spot close to the windows, before they promptly took our orders.

And of course, it’s always reassuring to see a chef in an open kitchen so you can watch your food being prepared.

The menu was standard for an Italian restaurant, offering plenty of pasta dishes and a spectrum of delicious-sounding pizzas, but also steak, burgers and even kebabs.

Secci’s offered Italian beer – specifically Peroni. We didn’t have any wine, but I glanced over a fairly varied and tempting wine list that would suit most palates.

To start I went for meat-stuffed peppers. I wasn’t sure what meat the peppers were stuffed with (I’m inclined to believe it may have been pork), but it was really tasty nonetheless.

It was incredibly hot and came drenched in a cheesy and delicious tomato sauce, with a small side salad.

After I polished off the fairly sizeable starter, I was growing increasingly excited for my main course, spaghetti carbonara, the staple of Italian cuisine.

I think I know what constitutes a good carbonara; so when the dish was placed in front of me I was, at first, extremely excited.

However, and this may be a point of personal preference, I found the pasta’s ‘woody’ sort of flavour rather overpowering.

I ate the entire dish but I found that this flavour detracted from the other natural 
flavourings of what should be a balanced and delicious dish.

It think it may have been down to the ham used in the dish, it could very well have been a smoked ham.

In any case, it wasn’t for me, and I wish I had opted for something else, as I’m sure Secci’s 
offers a range of delicious meals that would better suit my palate.

Kellie’s meal, however, looked amazing and we couldn’t find any fault with it. Her mushroom pizza came on a thin base, as you’d expect an authentically Italian pizza would, and was generously strewn with delicious toppings.

She didn’t manage to finish all of it, but that is in no way a bad thing and the staff boxed this up for us to take home.

We didn’t opt for dessert because we were simply too full – but I was tempted to try something from their pudding menu.

In conclusion, I think I would like to revisit Secci’s one day, but I think I’ll skip the carbonara for another dish from the restaurant’s varied and colourful menu.

Overall rating: 6