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RE: Your editorial, what makes a Scarborian?

As a true Scaraborian I can say that life was very different in the 1930s.

As a young child I really thought that the amenties were exclusively for the visitors as most families had to work hard in the summer season and quite young children had jobs to do, there was no money or time for the Spa, the Open Air Theatre, or the Floral Hall.

As a teenager earning money I did venture forth discovering the Esplanade with its elegant buildings and wonderful gardens, the Spa, Floral Hall, Marine Drive, Scalby Mills (with Monkey Island) north and south swimming pools, what a revelation.

Then came the war, barbed wire on the beaches, hotels packed with troops, evacuees billeted on us, half-day schooling.

I would like to mention Mr Broome who started the Scarborough Technical College (now Yorkshire Coast College) in spite of a lot of oppostion, who gave many students the opportunity of further education.

When Dr Binns came to Scarborough in 1962 we were leaving for city life.

Many young people had to leave to obtain a better life. We were fortunate enough to come back to Scarborough, I wonder how many councillors are born and bred here, not many I think or they would not be destroying the heart of the town.

Margaret Scott

Bridge Close