District Diary

March 7, 2013


St Mary’s

A Holy Communion service was held last Sunday at the Vicarage at 8am. Audrey Berry read the first lesson from 1 Corinthians, and the vicar read the Gospel. At 10am Morning Worship was held in church, conducted by Ros O’Toole. This Sunday there will be Holy Communion with Sunday School, conducted by the Rev Sam Foster at 10am. The congregation was saddened by the death of long-serving and faithful member Joyce Burnett, who farmed at Harwood Dale. Her funeral was held on Tuesday.


WI meeting

Burniston and Cloughton WI is holding a cookery demonstration by Ladies in Pigs, with tasters and recipes. It will be held in Burniston Village Hall on March 14, 7pm, admission £2.


Quiz evening

There was an excellent attendance in the sports club on Saturday evening for the latest quiz in the series. The quizmaster Alan Heelbeck, set the usual set of challenging questions and pictures. Winners of the general quiz and £28 were the “Willerby Wanderers”, comprising of Claire Wharton, with Tony and Helen Hill. Winners of the picture quiz and £16 were “Geoffs Lads”, including Chris Dalby, Paul Dawson, Keith Johnson, and Geoff Ridsdale.

Winner of the raffle and £5 was Steve Halifax, but could not call the cards correctly for £130, as did, Sue Ridsdale, for £80, Steve Lewins, for £40 and £5, Nick Burgess, for £20, and Ian Rawson, for £10. Claire Wharton, failed to open the box for £20, as did Lee Uttley, Edwin Cooper, and Ernie Alway, but Ian Bulman, took the £20 prize when choosing the correct key. The next quiz will be held in the club house on Saturday the 6th of April.

Parish council

At the recent meeting of the parish council Cllr PE Green, presided. Other councillors present were, M Andre de-la-Porte, A Jeffels, C Wilkinson, J Reeve, J Napthine, and County Cllr J Sanderson. Apologies were received from Cllrs P Reeve, J Heath, and District Cllr J Raper. Regarding the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, Cllr C Wilkinson reported that they were working on the proposed notice board. A list will be compiled with information provided by residents of the animals and birds seen in the area, including on Staxton brow before 1991. Work on the sites of interest in the parish is expected to start during the coming month. There was concern about the standard of lighting in some areas of the village. Delivery of the tree pack and flower tubs is expected in due course. Cleaning of Beacon Pond by volunteers will go ahead if the weather continues to improve. Thanks were due to Mr K Fear for varnishing the parish council notice board. Ownership of the kissing gate on the bridle road in Willerby Carr Lane has been established, and following examination was deemed not to require repair. No interest had been shown as yet in the vacancy for a parish councillor. Information from the youth club requesting the way funding is provided was deferred until further information is provided. A decision could then be made at the next meeting. Concern was expressed at the number of power cuts that have been inflicted on the area recently. Information is to be requested from the supplier to determine the cause, and what is to be done to alleviate the problem. It was understood that a planning application by Willerby pig farm, for a wind turbine had been rejected by the planning authority. The fouling of footpaths by dogs during the winter months has been abysmal. It is a disgrace, that some irresponsible dog owners allow this digusting practice to continue during the hours of darkness. Residents should not be afraid to report these unsociable people by ringing the dog warden, Brian Dunne, on (01653) 600666, or inform parish councillors accordingly. The stencil warnings are to be repainted on the footpaths. County Cllr J Sanderson, is to investigate the continued blockage by developers of the public footpath through the disused sandpit south of the Shell service station. Pot holes requiring repairs in roads throughout the village are to be reported, as also is the damaged road sign on the A64 near the Spitals roundabout. The next meeting will be held in the village hall on Tuesday March 19.


Weekly draw

Playing field Draw: £25 No 128 Sandy Jack, £15 No 44 Mrs Jean Gilmartin £5 No 80 Mrs Grace Pinder.

School news

Sherburn C of E School are celebrating World Book Day with a visit from children’s author Penny Dolan. She will be spending time with each class, sharing her expertise and encouraging reading and writing, which is one of our OFSTED targets to make us an outstanding school. The children will be showing their creativity by dressing up as their favourite Roald Dahl character.

Senior lunch

The fish and chip lunch organised by the Lions was held in the chapel hall. After finishing lunch friends enjoyed the Silver Screen Cinema Club which showed ‘Singing in the rain’. The lions are able to deliver fish and chips to anyone within Sherburn who is housebound. Philip and Denise Richardson and Bill Thompson from the Lions and Chris and Sandra Cade and Mrs Angela Holdsworth were the organisers and helpers. The next lunch will be on Wednesday March 27 at 1pm. You can order at the chapel coffee morning or lunch club or contact Christine (01944) 711294.

St Hilda’s

On Sunday March 10 at 10.30am there a will be a service for Mothering Sunday led by lay minister Mrs Barbara Grice with Tony Mok supplying the music on his guitar. Every mother accompanied by a child/children (aged 0– 90) will receive a small gift. Coffee will be served at the close of the service. Everyone will be most welcome.

Quiz night

The quiz at the East Riding was won by Keith, Chris, Natalie and Sarah. Their chosen charities for the prize money were £10 to the Air Ambulance and £5 to the youth club. The raffle raised £22 for the youth club. A big thank you is given to Sue Pollard for all her hard work in organising the quiz. The next quiz will be held on Thursday March 21 at 8pm and there will be a pie and pea supper.

Methodist news

The worship this Sunday was a Faith and Fairtrade service for Fairtrade Fortnight led by Mrs Diane Robinson. Mrs Kim Canterbury was the welcomer and also read the Lenten Liturgy when the reeds were put into the Easter Garden to remind us that as reeds grow close to water so we must stay close to Jesus, the source of living water. The steward was Mr Norman Clark and organist Mr Chris Cade. The readings were read by Mrs Janet Magee and Mr Norman Clark. Mrs Robinson told us about the work of the Fairtrade movement and their vision, ‘A world in which every person, through their work, can sustain their families and communities with dignity’. She told us of some of the ways in which this aim is trying to be fulfilled. After the service we enjoyed coffee (Fairtrade of course) in the hall and the Traidcraft stall was available. The worship for Mothering Sunday on March 10 will be led by the Rev Nigel Spencer.


Domino drive

There were 11 tables in play at the monthly domino drive held in the village hall last Thursday evening, when the MC was David Mudd. Prizes were won by M King, D Aconley, E Massheder, K Vasey, S Warriner, M Leckenby, C Cockerill, E Mudd, A Wilson, P Robson, L Rex, M Thompson, J Ward, A Fletcher, M Garbutt, C Fletcher, S Hildreth and I Robinson.

Raffle winners were E Vasey, D Stevenson, M Leckenby (2), A Wilson, C Fletcher, D Aconley, J Ward, V Allison, G Mitchell, F Mudd, A Fletcher, D Pennock, A Wildsmith, M Garbutt, E Copeland and C Aconley.

Supper was served by S Cook, V Allison and helpers, and £150 was raised for hall funds.

Tree planting

We have about 80 more free saplings from the Woodland Trust to plant on the Butts. The varieties include holly and wild rose and are suitable for hedging. Please would anyone who can assist meet outside the Manor House on Saturday March 16 at 10am.

Church service

The service on Mothering Sunday at Brompton will be an 11am Morning Prayer.


Nearly new sale

A good selection of new and worn clothing, jewellery, bric-a-brac and light refreshments will be on sale on Saturday, from 10am to noon, at the community centre with an admission fee of 20p. The proceeds are for the Osgodby Ladies Club’s current charity, the Scarborough Rainbow Centre, and everybody is invited.

Association meeting

Members of the association council held their monthly meeting at the community centre with chairman Bryan Coomber presiding. Present Bryan Bolton, vice-chairman, Maureen Picken, treasurer, Moira Audsley, membership secretary, Audrey Wilson, vice-president. Apologies were received from three members who were on holiday. Satisfactory progress reports were given by Mrs Audsley on the Ladies Club and the tai chi class, Mr Coomber on the bingo meetings and Mrs Picken on the craft group. There has been a successful launch of the Sing for Fun! group which has arranged to meet monthly on Wednesdays, March 13, April 10, May 8, June 5 and July 3, from 2-3.30pm. The fee will be £2 which will include refreshment. This is a mixed group who will welcome new people from any area to join them. Shirley Holdsworth was thanked for her enthusiasm in setting up and running Sing for Fun! The bookings secretary reported an increase in enquiries and new bookings which have included birthday parties, musicians’ practice, dance classes, residents’ meetings, counselling services, charity events and Sunday craft fairs starting on March 24. The 38th annual meeting of the association will be held on Wednesday April 17, at 7pm, at the community centre.

Ladies club

Members were welcomed to the monthly meeting at the community centre by chairman Moira Audsley. Jill Chapman, a member of the club, spoke about her life and varied experiences during the 26 years in which she lived in East Africa. In 1965 her husband Don, a railway engineer, took up a post with East African Railways and Harbours in Nairobi, Kenya. Within a few weeks, Jill set out to join him via a fortnight’s sea journey with their three children, all under five years of age. In the next seven years, they changed home regularly and at short notice, travelling throughout Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya as the needs of Don’s work demanded. They eventually decided that they should return to England for the children’s schooling but, at a chance meeting in Rhodesia en route to their ship in Cape Town, Don was offered an attractive post in Bulawayo and it was here that they spent their next 19 years.

Jill enthralled her audience with tales of the outdoor life, safaris, game parks and famous falls, of mountain trekking and being lost in the Drakensburg Mountains, and of close encounters with dangerous animals, lions, baboons and those of the human kind. Jill ended her talk by saying that she has at last achieved her lifetime dream of living by the sea with beautiful countryside close by. Moira thanked Jill and presented her with a bouquet of flowers. A raffle was won by Anne Lever, Joyce Dufton, Jill Coupland, Judy Lawrence, Joyce Evans, Pat Hartley and Lynn King. The hostesses were Barbara Smith, Mrs Hartley and Mrs Coupland.

Bingo evening

A bingo evening was run at the community centre with Bryan Coomber and Janet McNamara as callers and cashiers. The checker was Barbara Rodgers and refreshments were served by Mrs McNamara, May Wayland and Ann Lowe. A raffle run by Mrs Lowe was won by Joan Davis and Dorothy Dawson. People from all areas will be welcomed at 7.15pm on Mondays to join in this pleasant social event.


Methodist church

Sunday worship this week will be at 4.30pm, the service will be led by the Rev Mark Haynes. Please note there will be no morning service this Sunday. The fortnightly Coffee, Chat and Prayer meeting will be held on Tuesday March 12 at 11am. This informal meeting is open to anyone.

Scalby wives

President Sue Attwood welcomed Brian Ward to the meeting on Monday when he came to speak about Street Angels. Brian is the coordinator of Street Angels in Scarborough. This is a church-based team of 50 volunteers from all backgrounds, not all go to church, who go out on the streets of Scarborough on Friday and Saturday nights throughout the year. They are there to help improve the safety of people in town late at night, especially those who are vulnerable or just in need of a little help. Their presence is helping to build up relationships and reduce crime in the community. Hostesses for the evening were Pat Palmer, Barbara Brocklehurst and Doreen Brooke.

We are having an Easter sales table on the Monday March 18 so please bring something along with an Easter theme. Next week we are visiting the Stained Glass Centre at Killerby.

St Laurence’s

Mothering Sunday March 10 8am Holy Communion with the Rev Graham Waring, 10am All Age service Mothering Sunday with the Rev Marion Wright, 11.15am brief meeting to plan Christian Aid fundraising in May for those who would like to help - Chris Wright Play Room, 6.30pm Confirmation and Holy Communion – Archbishop of York John Sentamu and the Rev Alastair Ferneley.


Whist drive

A whist drive was held in the village hall. The MC was Mr W Calvert, Mrs J Bielby ran the raffle and the ladies in the kitchen were Miss S Coulson, Mrs C Dickinson and Mrs J Bielby. Winners: 1st Mr D Noble and Mr A Richardson; 2nd Mr J Craggs, Mrs D Cooke, Mrs S Wardle and Mrs P Johnson; 3rd Mrs F Graves, Mr R Souter, Mr W Calvert and Mr P Richardson. Raffle winners: Mr S Foote, Mr D Noble, Mr R Warman, Mr T Wardle, Mrs P Johnson, Mrs J Bielby, Mrs D Wardle, Mr R Souter, Mr E Richardson, Mrs C Dickinson.


St Martin’s

Sunday’s early common worship holy communion service was led by assistant minister the Rev Richard Firth, who preached a sermon on Jesus, the Love of God and Repentance. Enid Plevey gave a Bible reading, Helen Stevens assisted with the chalice at communion and Edna Burton accompanied hymn singing on the keyboard. Carol Beswick and Enid Plevey were sidespersons and Doreen Livesey and Elizabeth Chapman served refreshments.

The vicar, the Rev Laura McWilliams, led an 11am modern worship service with the Sunday Club, led the intercessions and she and Julie Hall offered prayer ministry and anointing during the sung worship. Paul McWilliams gave a Bible reading, Richard Fuller led the sung worship with Jenny Bland (clarinet), Steve Raetigg (keyboard), Neville Wright (guitar) and John Taylor (drums). Helen Stevens and sidesperson Elizabeth Bradley ran the Sunday Club, Julie Hall served refreshments. A Messy Church meeting was held in the afternoon.

On Sunday there will be a common worship holy communion service at 9.30am, a modern communion service at 11am and a Word and Worship meeting with trainee preacher Laura Glass at 7pm.

Electoral roll

This year St Martin’s Church has to prepare a brand new electoral roll and forms for this are now available in church. All that is needed is a name and address, a signature, and one box to tick. Do it now, urges churchwarden Mary Otway.

Methodist church

Gordon Whitehead was the preacher at Seamer Methodist Church on Sunday, and in his sermon he spoke of Lent being a time of repentance and reflection on our failure to live our lives as Christ did. We should examine our every thought and action and aim to achieve the perfect standard of Christ.

Bob Jackman was the vestry steward, Michael King the welcomer and Margaret Neave took the collection. The service began with the Lenten prayers and elements being placed on the cross by John and Denise Earnshaw. Bible readings were given by Mary Jackman and Sylvia Vollans.

The monthly coffee morning will be held in the church room on Saturday from 9.30am.

Parish council

The next meeting of Seamer Parish Council will be held at Crossgates Community Centre on Tuesday March 13 from 7pm. All welcome.

Fuchsia society

The first meeting of the new session of Scarborough and District Fuchsia and Flower Society will be held on Wednesday March 20 at The Old School, Main Street, Seamer. The speaker will be Susan Hopps, from Thirsk, the Radio York gardening presenter. Anyone interested in gardening is invited to attend and to ask questions. The £1 entry fee includes tea or coffee and biscuits.

Meetings will continue bi-monthly, in May, July and September, with the annual show in August and the annual meeting in November. Anyone who joins the society at the March meeting will be given a new fuchsia to grow on.

School report

Jonathan Wanless, head of Seamer and Irton CP School, has congratulated those pupils and staff who took part in the Year 4 production of Macbeth, saying “it was an absolute joy”. Yesterday (Wednesday) was Tudor Day when the KS2 children were dressed in Tudor costume and received a visit from Henry VIII.

Parents’ evenings will be held 3.40-6.10pm on Wednesday March 13 and Monday March 18.

Parents are being advised to take a look at Back to School Magazine (www.backtoschoolmagazine.com), a new digital magazine for parents of primary school children with information such as helping with homework, SATs, phonics, numeracy and literacy. They are also invited to visit www.parentview.ofsted.gov.uk to tell Ofsted what they think about the school. Bags for a clothes recycling collection of clean unwanted clothing, shoes, belts and handbags were issued last week and should be returned before 9.30am tomorrow.

Get bowling

Seamer and District Bowling Club’s enrolment day for the 2013 season is Saturday, 2-4pm. Previous members and anyone interested in trying the sport will be welcome at the Seamer Sports Association Clubhouse, Pasture Lane. The bowling facility is available for all grades of player and there are opportunities to play league or social bowling. Sampling sessions, coaching and equipment use are offered free of charge. It is a friendly club which holds many social events throughout the year. Further information from Eddie Bell (01723) 862518 or Melvyn Riley (01723) 890981.

Clog dancing

Young women and girls who would like to take part in a traditional activity are welcome to a clog dancing class in Seamer on Mondays. The class, held in the Memorial Hall, Main Street, teaches traditional clog dancing and Lakeland Garland dancing, from 8pm. Further information from Maureen (01723) 863495 or Sheila 582681, or turn up any Monday, except bank holidays.

Stepney and Woodlands

Music centre

This Saturday students from the centre will be playing at the annual Boyes concert with the Alan Barnes Quintet at the Spa Theatre at 7pm. For more information contact (01723) 354042.

Scarborough Area Music Centre is all about helping young musicians fulfil their maximum potential through playing together under expert direction. The centre is staffed by a team of experienced and well qualified Music Service teachers and heads of department. They provide specialist guidance in each of the major instrument groups: brass, woodwind, strings, percussion and voice. Entry to the centre is usually by teacher recommendation and sometimes an informal audition is necessary. An entry form is available from Music Centre office at the following address: Scarborough Area Music Centre, c/o Sixth Form College, Sandybed Lane, Scarborough YO12 5LF.

St Luke’s

The Holy Communion service last Sunday was led by the Rev Alastair Ferneley who spoke about death and the next life. The Family Communion service at 10am this Sunday will be led by the Rev David Pynn and will be a special service for Mothering Sunday. During the service posies of flowers will be distributed to the congregation. Everyone will be very welcome.

Ladies fellowship

St Luke’s Ladies Fellowship is holding a meeting on Tuesday March 12 at 2pm in St Luke’s Church Hall. The speaker will be Mrs B Armistead of the Salvation Army giving a talk on ‘A Christian Journey’. All are welcome to attend.


Over 60s

Mrs Margaret Pattison, chairwoman, welcomed 17 members of the Over 60s Club at the weekly meeting in the village hall. A domino drive was held, the winners: 1 Mrs B Mennell; 2 L Woodhead; 3 Mrs J Griffiths; 4 Mrs B Rodgers. The raffle was organised by Mrs A Butler and won by Mrs J Newlove, Mrs K Dedman, Mrs B Mennell, Mrs M Martin, Mrs D Dawson, Mrs D Colwill, Mrs A Donlevy and Mrs J Griffiths. Tea and biscuits were prepared by Mrs A Butler and Mrs A Donlevy. The Over 60s Club meets every Thursday at 2pm in Cayton Village Hall and are always pleased to welcome new members.

Whist drive

A military whist drive was held in Cayton Village Hall and raised funds for Cayton Cricket Club. The MC was Bob Cowton and eight tables were in play. Whist winners: 1 R Warman, J Calam, Mrs J Stewart, Mrs M Johnson; 2 Mr & Mrs E Richardson, G Harman, B Cowton; 3 Mrs S Wardle, Mrs P Thompson, M Bogg, T Davies.

The raffle was organised by Trevor Davies and the winners included T Davies, Mrs J West, Mrs B Forcer, Mrs A Cross, Mrs E Brownridge, W Calvert, P Richardson, Mrs B Richardson, J Craggs, G Harman, B Cowton, Mrs M Johnson, R Warman, M Bogg and L Woodhead. Refreshments were prepared by Mr and Mrs E Barker and Mrs A Dowson with help to serve from the whist players. The MC thanked everyone for their support, all those who had donated raffle prizes and those who had helped in any way with the running of the drive.

Church services

This Sunday’s services in St John the Baptist Church, Cayton, will be 9am communion led by the Rev Rod Fereday and the 6.15pm Evensong with Margaret Arnall. The next midweek communion service will be at 7pm on Tuesday March 12.

Day of prayer

The annual Women’s Day of Prayer service for Cayton, Eastfield and Osgodby was held in Cayton Chapel last Friday. This year’s service was prepared by Christian women of France and the theme for the service was ‘I was a stranger and you welcomed me’. The Rev Margaret Doughty and the local committee of Anglicans, Methodists and Roman Catholics arranged the service. The speaker was the Rev Denise Free, the local Methodist Minister. The Rev Margaret Doughty led the service and those taking part were Julie Barber, Jane Williams, Angela Stannard, Eileen Shakespeare, Trish McGowan, Brenda Wealleans, Dorothy Anfield, Margaret Welsh, Maureen Sparks and Ann Green. Everyone had been welcomed with a small drink of fruit juice by Myra Morris and Joan Dunnell (in France it would have been wine) and they also took the collection. Light refreshments were served after the service by the ladies of the chapel.

Methodist chapel

The morning service in Cayton Chapel on the third Sunday of Lent was led by the Rev Tania Brosnan and, during the service, Holy Communion was celebrated. The Lenten symbol of the 30 pieces of silver was placed at the foot of the cross by Jane Williams and Christine Feather. Jane Allen was the organist, Christine Feather the vestry steward with Joan Dunnell the welcomer.

The 10.30am service this Sunday, fourth Sunday in Lent and also Mothering Sunday, will be led by Mrs Rosie Coles. All very welcome to go along.

Bloom group

Cayton in Bloom will be holding their monthly meeting on Tuesday in the small room of Jubilee Hall at 7pm. The group are still waiting to hear what date Cayton will be judged for the spring judging of the Yorkshire in Bloom competition on a date between March 25 and April 19. In the meantime the spring planting has taken place within the parish and regular litter picks are to be arranged to make sure everything is in place and tidy. Help would be very much appreciated with this task and dates and times will be arranged and advertised. If there is anyone who is able to help in this regard it would be most appreciated. Residents are very welcome at any of the group’s meetings.


Dell rangers

The Dell seminar will be taking place in the community centre today, where there is to be speakers and displays. Handouts will also be available the idea of which is to make people aware of how they can best make the use of spare space and would like to improve it for biodiversity, access, education, heritage or events. The seminar starts at 9.30am and will end about 1pm. The Rangers are also running a survey about the Dell. Following the success of the Del-ve into Nature project last year they would like to hear what people think about Dell activities and invite everyone to log on to the following link and complete the questionnaire, which doesn’t take long - http.//www.surveymonkey.com/s/NDYRBMY. This will give you an opportunity to give valuable feedback, which the Rangers will appreciate.

Pop in club

A three course lunch would be the main attraction at the Pop In Club in the community centre on Tuesday. This was prepared and cooked by the resident chef, and served by Judy Fox and helpers. Other attractions members enjoyed was the bring and buy and table top stall, and a raffle which was organised by Norma Rogers.

Knitting group

Members of the Knit and Natter group met in the community centre on Friday afternoon, when they continued their work in wool and had a break for a friendly chat over light refreshments. The group are always in need of wool, and are always grateful for any kind donations of wool from anyone who will not need it anymore.

Willow weaving

There were lots of busy little bees in the library on Wednesday of last week, when a day of willow weaving was organised by the Dell Rangers. There were about 20 young people at each session, being supervised by the activities organiser. They were all excited as to what they could do with willow and made plates, baskets and various other objects.


Leisure activities

Leisure activities and social get-togethers still continue at the community centre each week, with the opportunity to start a new hobby or learn a new craft.

Mondays the Craft and Social group meet, members enjoy light refreshments over a chat, and follow various crafts such as making greetings cards, embroidery, sewing and knitting soft toys and other articles. On Tuesday the Paint-a-Long group draw and paint in water colours, oils, and acrylic. On Thursdays Crossgates Eggers do their stuff with eggs of various sizes. Help is always available to new members, and wonderful tableau are created within and outside the egg’s shell. Sadly the branch of the Countrywomen’s Association closed due to lack of members, but some of the former members have pledged to keep in touch and occasionally enjoy a social get-together. All these classes run from 1.30-3.30pm, on Fridays there is Crossgates Badminton and Table Tennis Club from 7pm.


Charity dance

The barn dance held in the village hall on Saturday night was a great success with people coming from several parts of the country, as well as locals to support the charity Children with Cancer. The dance was organised by Claire Coopland, whose younger brother died from leukaemia in 2006 at the age of 13. Music for the evening was by the locally based Pied Piper Band, and over £1,200 was raised for the charity.

Claire, who works in London, is now training for the London Marathon in April and is looking for sponsors to add to the amount made on Saturday. Anyone in the area who missed the barn dance and would like to sponsor Claire can contact 07811 629932. The class in English Country 
Dancing continues in the village hall from Tuesday from 7.30-9.30pm and anyone 
interested in learning would be most welcome.

Lifeboat guild

At the recent annual meeting of the Ayton Ladies Lifeboat Guild it was decided that the guild could no longer continue as the numbers in the group had fallen in recent years. The guild was originally formed by 12 friends as a fundraising group for Scarborough Ladies Lifeboat Guild in 1981. The main activity was a Christmas fayre with a fabulous cake stall which was very popular in the pre-calorie counting days. Jumble sales, strawberry teas, concerts and collections in local stores and garden centres have also been held and over £80,000 has been raised.

Guild members past and present would like to thank everyone who has supported them over the years and would like to remind everyone that RNLI souvenirs and cards are available in the shops at all the local lifeboat stations.

YCA meeting

Forge Valley branch. Glenys opened the meeting and took apologies. She reminded everyone that it was the pearl anniversary of the YCA this year and there were to be several events marking the occasion. Pearl was also to be the theme for the Homecraft competition this year for lots of the classes. She then informed the group that the area lunch would be at the Expanse Hotel in Bridlington on April 18, money and names and menu choices were required by March 20. The AGM for central would be on the May 1 at Askham Bryan and the pearl anniversary lunch would be at York Racecourse on April 15. There was to be a trip to Wensleydale Railway on June 23 at a cost of £20, including morning coffee and a lunch. The spring meeting at Hambleton Forum will feature a talk by David Harper, an antiques expert, followed by an afternoon tea and raffle.

Volunteers would be required on the stall at the Great Yorkshire Show this year, perhaps three shifts throughout the day could be organised so if any members were interested in helping out please contact Glenys.

Elizabeth gave a short report on the financial situation, and reported that a letter had been received from the League of Friends for our donation from the raffle at the Spuds and Puds evening. The quiz had made a total of £200, many thanks to Jude and all those that sold sheets. The toy stall at Ayton Gala had made £94 which had been shared with the village hall. The Spuds and Puds also made a healthy profit.

There being no more business the speaker was introduced, Alan Readman, who gave us a film show and a talk on ‘Tales from the Forge’. He said the film was footage of his father at work in his forge at Cloughton. We watched him make a horseshoe and shoe a horse. Alan went on to explain a little of his father’s life as a Blacksmith, and how he had grown up around the forge along with his brother. He told us a lot of anecdotes surrounding life at the blacksmith’s shop. He said that there used to be plenty of work for all blacksmiths which could be found in nearly every village from Staintondale to Harwood Dale and East and West Ayton. They all used to help one another with the work. There are no blacksmiths around here anymore, the farriers travel around now to shoe horses. He took questions from the floor and explained how apprenticeships were different now to when he had done his own. He said that shoes were now massed-produced instead of made to fit the particular horse. He told us a little of the North Yorkshire accent, too much amusement.

Tea and biscuits were served and the raffle was won by Jean (first prize) and Eileen (second prize). The next meeting will be on March 21, at 7.30pm, in East Ayton Village Hall. This will be a members’ activities evening. All welcome.

For more information contact Glenys on 859325 or Liz 363714.

Methodist church

Sunday’s morning service was led by the Rev Elizabeth Clark who preached on the question ‘Why do bad things happen to good people?’ Illness and misfortune are not punishments from God.

A Bible reading from psalms was read by Jean Carter and Michael Carter read a passage from St Luke’s Gospel. The Rev Clark celebrated Holy Communion and was assisted by Jean Letten. Stewards were Michael and Jean Carter and Cathy Ramage gave out the hymn books. Following the service refreshments were served by Ralph and Liz Fieldhouse. The preacher for next Sunday will be Mrs M Crofts.

Lent course

The churches of St John the Baptist and Ayton Methodist are holding a joint Lent course which meets at West Ayton Methodist Church at 7.30pm on Thursdays up to and including March 21. Everyone is welcome to attend.


WI meeting

Scalby and Newby WI had a lively meeting on Monday February 25 with guest speaker Angus Ashworth from Ryedale Auctioneers who was a great hit as he outlined his journey to becoming an auctioneer and went on to study the antiques brought to the meeting by members. Delight for some and disappointment for others! The business side of the meeting included a run through of holidays and outings by Mrs Yvonne Spencer. Members are booked to go to Tenby in May, Tatton Park Flower Show in July, Portugal in August, Christmas Spectacular in November. Day activities in this locality include a trip to the Stained Glass Centre at Killerby on March 21, meet at 10.30am at the car park at Scalby Community Rooms. Each month members go to relax over coffee and for this month we are meeting at the Palm Court Hotel at noon on March 15.

The WI groups of this area have a Spring Show on Saturday April 13, at Snainton Village Hall, when members provide exhibits of craft, and produce from across the area. Members were reminded to have their entry forms in by March 25.

The meeting was attended by 42 members we always welcome women to come and join us at the Friends Meeting House, Woodlands Drive on the last Monday of the month. The next meeting will be on March 25, at 7pm.

Northstead methodist

On Saturday there will be a coffee morning and Spud and Pud lunch as part of the Church’s Gift Day celebrations. Coffee will be served from 10.30am with proceeds going to Homeless Support and between 11.30am and 12.45pm jacket potatoes with a choice of fillings and a selection of desserts will be served with proceeds going to church funds.

There will also be a cake stall and a stall selling Fairtrade items. The church is open every Tuesday morning between 9-11am and you are invited to pop in for a drink, chat or to take part in craft activities.

In bloom

Present at the recent Newby and Scalby In Bloom group meeting were Peter Staveley, chairman, Lois Staveley, Stuart Gethin, Sue, Ian and Zoe Groom, Robert Kendall, Kate Newton, Val Pattison, Richard Thompson, Sue Tipple. Apologies for were received from Sheila Johnson, Margaret Thompson, Graham Pattison, Lesley and Trevor Bulcock, Carol Snow. Chairman welcomed and introduced new members, Sue, Ian and Zoe Groom, Val Pattison and Stuart Gethin.

The meeting held on November 1, 2012, was agreed as a true and correct record. Matters arising concerned the tree near Scalby Green. Richard has reported concerns of the group to the clerk of Scalby Parish Council who followed up the matter with Scarborough Borough Council. The borough council are not prepared to take any further action. Richard suggests the facts be obtained from Scalby Parish Council and a letter written to the borough council. Peter suggests handing over the matter to Sheila and Roger for further action. It was agreed that both suggestions be actioned.

Financial report. Robert reported that there was no activity in December 2012. In January 2013 Yorkshire in Bloom fees were paid plus rent of hall. Show account £1547. Bloom account £635.06. Insurance premiums are due, sums insured and cover discussed. Donations have been received which has boosted funds. 
Brian Wade, a local prizewinner, has handed back his £50 prize money as a donation. Sue Tipple to write and thank him. Kate donated her fee for talk at Scalby Wives.

Yorkshire in Bloom. Spring judging starts March 25 until April 12. Newby and Scalby In Bloom is now entered. Many villages who did not participate in 2012 have returned to the competition, eg. Cayton, Osgodby, Reighton and Speeton. A potato growing competition for schools was explained to new members. 2013 plans include possible seed growing as well as potatoes. Expansion of involvement with growing in schools discussed. More interaction with schools is encouraged by RHS. James Stockdale Ltd are willing to supply usual amount of seed potatoes. Robert is to arrange recycled compost to be used as growing medium.

Best Kept Gardens. Template for entry forms already printed for 2013 competition. Possibility of offering more categories discussed work parties; short term plans were made for the tidying of beds around signs and litter picking.

Any Other Business. Proposed redesign and planting around tree at junction of Stony Lane and North Street, Scalby. Agreement obtained from local residents. One dissenter has been visited by Peter and agreed to reconsider. Letter of approval in principle agreed by North Yorkshire County Council Highways Department, subject to approval and permissions from borough council. Plans of services around Stony Lane needed. Robert to ask Sheila Johnson about obtaining these. Costs to be calculated for whole job.

Concrete planters at Newlands shops could go ahead this spring, being easiest of our projects to achieve. Volunteer time sheets need to be completed and Peter stressed the need for this to be done for match funding. Grants: RHS grants for bloom groups etc. has a May deadline. Peter to send details to Sue. Possibility of grant from Coast and Moors fund. Scalby Village Trust planters. Metal planters disintegrating after only three years. Scalby Village Trust to seek redress from manufacturers. Richard to contact Sheila direct. Litter problem: Robert advised there need to be more bins sited along Scalby Road, hopefully to improve the litter situation. New members Sue and Zoe Groom are to launch Facebook and Twitter pages for the group. This should raise the group’s profile and hopefully reach a larger audience. Peter to liaise and provide appropriate material for inclusion.

Fundraising. New approaches to fundraising were put forward and discussed. These include: Bag pack at Proudfoots. Formation of ‘Friends of Bloom Group’. Possible coffee morning at Wrea Head Hotel with RHS Yorkshire In Bloom judges present and possible launch of Best Kept Gardens competition. Gardeners Question Time, possibly Easter at Irton Garden Centre. The next meeting will take place on April 4.

Afternoon fellowship

This group meets in St Mark’s Community Hall on Thursday March 14, at 1.45pm, for a game of Scrabble and refreshments. Admission is just 50p.

St Mark’s

The 10am communion Service was led by the vicar, Mike Leigh, who spoke on ‘Numbers’, the last in the ‘Five Marks of Growing’ series of sermons.

This Sunday there will be a service of Holy Communion at 8am and an All Age parade service for Mothering Sunday at 10am, when flowers will be distributed to all the mothers present. On Wednesday at 10am there will be a service of Holy Communion.

Lent course

Why mission? Why here? Why now? There will be a chance to explore these and other questions in a unique Lent course being run by churches around Barrowcliff. The course will take place at Northstead Methodist Church each Thursday during Lent, starting at 7.30pm. All are welcome.

Red nose day

Thursday’s Toddler Group session will be a ‘pyjama day’, to raise money for Comic Relief. There will also be a cake sale, and raffle. Any contributions of cakes will be much appreciated. The group meets in the Community Hall every Tuesday and Thursday during term time, from 10-11.30am.

Ravenscar and Staintondale

Road closure

The main A171 Scarborough to Whitby road is currently closing overnight between the hours of 6pm and 6am for essential road resurfacing. At other times, traffic lights or a convoy system will operate. Work started on Monday March 4 and is scheduled to be completed within an eight day period from that date. The area affected is Cloughton High Street and Mill Lane (towards Burniston). Pedestrian access will be maintained at all times. For further information contact County Highway Area 3 Whitby on 0845 8727374.

Church news

There will be a Mothering Sunday service this week at St Hilda’s, Ravenscar at 10.30am led by the Rev Elizabeth Clark from Sherburn, who will be making her first visit since the launch of the new North Yorkshire Coast Methodist Circuit.

The vicar will be holding an ‘at home’ day on March 16 at the Vicarage and invites you to call in for a chat and a cup of tea.

Youth events

The church is inviting young people to participate in two coming youth events. On May 11 the 11-13 age group are invited to a Big Night Out at Lightwater Valley, with an evening gig. Full details will follow later. The 8-13 age group are invited to a ‘Spree’ weekend at Hollybush near Thirsk, joining in with a group from St Laurence’s Church, Scalby. More details to follow later.

Fun race night

Ravenscar Village Hall Committee will be holding a Fun Race Night at the village hall on Friday March 8, starting at 7.30pm. Admission is free. Experience an exciting night of fun, and support your local village hall. There will be racing adventures featuring horses, dogs (and even pigs). There will be a jackpot on the last race, and refreshments will be available. You are invited to bring along a bottle.

Taize service

If you would like to take part in an ad hoc choir to lead a Taize service to be held at Cloughton Church on Good Friday at 6.30pm, please contact Rosemary Oliver on 871488. There will be an optional rehearsal on Friday March 22, also at 6.30pm.


Probus club

The group where entertained by speaker Michael Fearon, known locally, and he did not fail them at their last meeting when he told them about Butlin’s Holiday Camp at Filey. Starting at the beginning of the project in 1938 Michael went on to give more detail of, firstly RAF Hunmanby Moor, the opening of holidays in 1945 and 1946, the railway completion in 1947 and countless descriptions of the running of and activities in the camp until closure in 1983.

As Paul Booker, on thanking Michael, observed, this was a talk as much about social as camp history. At their meeting on March 14 the group are looking forward to John Fawcett of Scarborough ‘Reminiscences’. New members are very welcome at Cross Hill at 10am.

WI meeting

The group were reminded that will be sharing a coffee morning with the Yorkshire Countrywomen to raise funds to help buy new staging for the community centre. It will be held at the community centre on March 14 10am-noon contributions for stalls cake, books, bottles etc will be welcome. The annual meeting will be held on March 19. This will be the 75th birthday and a celebration for members at 2pm in the community centre. The competition will be the best ‘taste and tell’ dish which will be eaten as part of the celebrations. It is hoped all members will be able to attend.

In bloom

The group would like to thank all the shopkeepers who sold tickets for the Big Quiz Night on February 22, and also a big thank you for all the people who supported them on the night. A good night was had by all.

History group

The group are doing a project into the effects on Hunmanby during World War I. Any information, old photos etc, would be most appreciated, especially copies of ‘The Church Monthly’ Hunmanby parish magazine between 1913 and 1919. Any information and photos would be returned intact. Please contact Laura (01723) 892875 or Brian 892750 thank you.

Methodist church

At Cross Hill Methodist Church on Sunday the preacher is the Rev Mark Haynes. The service begins at 10.30am.

All Saints

Services are held at 8am and 10.45am except the second Sunday of the month when there is no 8am service. The fourth Sunday of the month is usually a united service with Cross Hill Methodist Church alternating venues.

There is a Praise Hour at 5pm every third Sunday. Evensong will return to 6pm this Sunday.


Parish council

All present plus County Cllr John Blackburn, clerk Helen Carter, one member of public and PCSO Simon Clapcott. Apologies from Michelle Donohue-Moncrieff.

Police report The newly appointed Police and Crime Commissioner for North Yorkshire, Julia Mulligan, has recently published a first draft of the Police and Crime Plan for North Yorkshire and the City of York.

The plan reflects the commissioner’s mission and takes into account the needs of local people across our communities. To get involved and have your say pick up a survey from local police stations or libraries or complete a consultation sheet at one of North Yorkshire Police’s events or you can go online at www.crimeplan.org.uk.

No crimes were reported in Muston in January. Road Traffic Incidents. During the heavy period of snow, a vehicle became stuck on the A1039 causing a traffic tailback in the village for over an hour. Damaged posts on the chain path are to be repaired by Chris Day with the parish council seeking reimbursement from North Yorkshire County Council.

A letter is to be sent from the parish council to the North Yorkshire Education Authority voicing our concerns that as part of their money saving initiative consideration is being given to closing Filey School swimming pool and supporting the campaign against its closure.

Sufficient funding has been secured for half of the village green to have a drainage system installed. Weather dependent, it is hoped the work will be undertaken early April. It is hoped further funding can be secured to enable the other half of the village green to have drainage installed.

Scarborough Borough Council has confirmed funding has been made available to the parish council for the electrification of the winding of the clock. The new mechanism is subject to approval from the Parochial Church Council.

Draft minutes of meetings are to be displayed on the parish council notice boards. They will be displayed a few days after the meeting has taken place. Next meeting is Wednesday March 20 at 7pm.

Pie, pea and quiz night

This will take place on Saturday at 7pm in the village hall. There will be a bar, prizes and a raffle.

Tickets £5 per person available from Godfrey Allanson on (01723) 513678 or Kay Dews 515095.